Holiday Special: Patty Hurst Shifter At Slim’s

December, 15, 2008, by Tim

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This Saturday, December 20th at 10:00pm, Raleigh’s seasoned hometown rockers will strut their stuff at Slim’s Downtown Distillery, reminding the locals why they’re so hot in Europe and Austin, TX. Expect the usual $3 at the door, making this show a real bargain as we head into the holidays. If you are unfamiliar with Patty Hurst Shifter and their alt. country sound from the same vein as Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams, check out the video below, filmed in NYC. The song, Higher Ground, is from the 2004 LP Bee Stinger Lullabies.

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  • Sylvia
    12/15 02:21 PM

    I hear the show is a 40th birthday party for the lead guitarist, the one who seems all dark and dangerous.

  • Skillet
    12/15 08:33 PM

    He’s also a huge fan of alt. country.

  • Scott
    12/16 01:21 PM

    Shameless plug: pre-show @ Royal Bean @ 8pm! Watch Scott Goner and friends and then follow (but don’t stalk) him down to PHS at Slim’s!!!!

  • Joe at Slim's
    12/25 06:13 AM

    As a long time time employee of Slim’s, and an almost as long tenure as the booking manager, not to mention an actual fan of Patty Hurst Shifter… I can easily say “What a fuckin’ night!”

    I have booked many shows (including at least four by Patty Hurst Shifter)... have seen the band as an audience member or as a member of the band sharing the bill with them (as a member of The Bleeding Hearts) probably 75 times… was bartending the night of this show… assumed it would be fun and a good turnout (maybe a little more than usual due to Marc’s birthday)... and as the current manager of Slim’s knew the crowd that they normally draw and business-wise that there would be a high percentage of liqour drinkers and service industry people, i.e. good tippers…

    What we got was one of the busiest nights in Slim’s ten year history, an unforgettable and passionate two set show from the band, a crowd that included way more of the aforementioned expected audience as well as a shitload of people that I have never seen at all, one of the biggest nights tip wise in the 5+ years that I have worked there and then…

    A COMPLETELY unannounced set (even I didn’t know this was happening) by the VibeKillers (Chip Robinson, Dave Bartholomew, Marc Smith and Skillet Gilmore) starting at 1:15am…

    Those guys haven’t played together in quite some time… Abe and I were genuinely “in the weeds” behind the bar and it just kept going until I HAD to turn on the lights at 2:05am…

    If I were in the audience, I would have agreed with the many comments that night (and since) that this was one of the most special nights (not only at Slim’s) but in recent Raleigh memory…

    Thanks to Patty Hurst Shifter… Happy Birthday to Marc… Sorry to those who missed it… And fuck if that ain’t what Raleigh Rock in a small dark club is supposed to be about…

    It’s rare that I am still inspired after years and years in this scene, but this show made me proud to be in Raleigh and proud to know that even when you least expect it, that rock and roll can still be (not so) Young Loud and Snotty and The Heart Of Saturday Night.

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