Homebrewed Raleigh Beer Fest Coming March 6th

Homebrewed Raleigh Beer Fest Coming March 6th

January, 14, 2010, by Ladye Jane

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With so many great home brewers around town, it’s about time that somebody put ‘em under one roof and threw a party. Later in the year, some of Raleigh’s bars and restaurants are getting together to premiere Raleigh Beer Week, a week long celebration of all things hops. To kick it all off, the Raleigh City Museum, Busy Bee Cafe, and New Raleigh present Homebrewed Raleigh, a beer fest featuring 6 of the best home brewers in town on Saturday, March 6th from 1:00-6:00. There will be food, music, and, of course, painstakingly crafted delicious beer.

More info to come on the brewers, bands, and Raleigh Beer Week later, but we wanted everyone to go ahead and save the date.

Tickets are $20 for members of the Raleigh City Museum, $25 for non-members, and go on sale February 1st. You can purchase tickets in person at either the Raleigh City Museum or the Busy Bee Cafe, or by calling the RCM at (919) 832-3775.

This event has a limited capacity, so be sure and pick up tickets early.

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  • Thomas
    01/15 02:48 AM

    What is this Raleigh beer week? Who is putting this event on? Raleigh’s homebrew and beer community doesn’t seem to have heard much about it yet, not that I speak for them but I know many people. Do you have an organizing site? Great idea but organizing with the rest of the Triangle breweries for a joint Triangle beer week seems far more practical and sustainable. Looking for answers.

  • Adam
    01/15 10:16 AM

    Are American Brewmaster or CARBOY involved with this? They would be good entities to have on board. Can you charge people to drink homebrew?

  • Jessica
    01/15 11:30 AM

    How were “the best 6 home brewers” found? Was there a contest?

  • Ladye Jane
    01/15 12:30 PM

    Yes, American Brewmasters is aware of the event and will be there. The event is a fundraiser for the Raleigh City Museum. Homebrewers were picked by reputation and by people that know beer. This was just a save-the-date. More info will be announced before tickets go on sale. It’ll be fun!

  • Adam
    01/15 12:54 PM

    Excellent!  Sounds like fun!

  • Jess
    01/15 01:01 PM

    Mmmm….i like beer

  • tc
    01/15 03:22 PM

    It seems to me, that the best way to celebrate homebrewed beer would be a contest, rather than a selection by reputation.  The best homebrew in Raleigh might not have a reputation yet. 

    That being said, this still sounds like a great event, and I’ll be there.  One question though, does the 25 dollars pay for your beer and food?

  • Scott
    01/16 03:32 PM

    Sounds like a couple people are butthurt about being left out. Why not set your pride aside and give them the benefit of the doubt? If you still have a beef after the event feel free to hit up New Raleigh to whine about it.

  • Can huggers
    01/17 09:24 PM

    Beer is a great solution for thisrty

  • emc
    01/19 02:28 PM

    Any beer event in Raleigh is good news, regardless of who brews. The more we promote our city as a beer friendly one, the more everyone involved with local brew benefits.

  • mares eat oats and little bits of ivy 2
    01/20 12:51 PM

    Please someone bring a gluten free beer! Celiacs are beer drinkers too!

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