Hooray, Downtown Raleigh Finally Getting Bike Racks

Hooray, Downtown Raleigh Finally Getting Bike Racks

December, 20, 2010, by Jedidiah

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The above photo is not what the new bike racks will look like (I don't think)


According to the N&O, Downtown Raleigh is in line to receive 75 new bicycle racks. Finally, you'll have a few more options than trees, trashcans, and the random upside down U's that are on Fayetteville Street. And maybe these bike racks will help deter more bike thefts. The racks are definitely a long time coming but better late than never. Money well spent.


The city received a $24,000 grant from the state Department of Transportation for 75 racks, which will be installed downtown in locations where officials have deemed they are needed.


Most of the racks will be along Fayetteville Street and nearby blocks, and all but seven will be in city rights of way. Those seven will be next to City Hall, which is out of the right of way but on city property.

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  • john
    12/20 10:10 PM

    So there will be 75 new bike racks in front of Raleigh times??

  • mgd
    12/20 11:21 PM

    Who is the uber rad hipster who hangs their bike in a tree???

  • hackles10
    12/21 10:03 AM

    Does this mean 75 full racks for multiple bikes, or 75 individual racks?

  • Will
    12/21 12:12 PM

    I noticed one rack outside Z Pizza when my friend and I rode over to get food. Not sure if it was new (probably not because there was a ditched u-lock on one rung) but I was very appreciative of it

    More racks will be great, especially for First Friday events. I highly support making downtown Raleigh a better place for bikes.

  • mgd
    12/21 12:37 PM

    Hardcore hipsters dont use locks anyways, or helmets or brakes for that matter.

  • Carl
    12/21 01:08 PM

    Hardcore hipsters used your mother last night…
    YEAH !!

  • Turbo
    12/21 01:36 PM


  • carol vargo
    12/21 02:30 PM

    Who cares about hardcore hipsters anyways..is it hip to be doing what is so trendy..like no brakes, locks, or helmets?

  • Hipster?
    12/21 04:22 PM

    Actually the new thing is to not even use the wheels…

  • RaleighRob
    12/22 09:23 AM

    Glad this is happening.  The redevelopments of Fayetteville Street and Hillsborough Street both included racks and it was most welcomed.  (The ones on Hillsborough are quite nice!)  I’ve also noticed here and there individual buildings putting their own racks up, and that deserves to be applauded.  But I agree more consistency will be the best improvement.

  • Willy
    12/22 04:17 PM

    These racks are going to be more expensive than many of the bikes that will be attached to them!  75 racks, $24,000: $320/rack…

  • hackles10
    12/22 04:24 PM

    @Willy, I imagine that includes labor, cement, rack, ripping up current street/brick/pavement/cement, and the cost of the rack, not just the wholesale cost of a bike rack.

  • 150
    12/22 04:36 PM

    Maybe Raleigh should charge to park your bike!  That’d be kind of silly to watch.

  • KK
    12/23 11:15 AM

    They have pay racks in Japan.  Better not let Raleigh know that!

  • Clay
    12/23 07:02 PM

    Its great that Raleigh is adding more bike racks downtown. Hopefully it will help with it being more convenient for general people around downtown to feel comfortable riding their bikes. It’s not just about the hipsters with their “fixies”

    (wait, I ride a fixie and my wheels alone cost a hell of a lot more than the individual bike racks. Better believe I lock’em up even when I can see them. Those that don’t, well it will be an expensive lesson to learn)

  • Jimmy
    12/23 11:28 PM

    Haters… go ride a bike!

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  • NCSU
    01/04 10:09 AM

    It’s interested how/where the city is installing “sharrows.” Saint Mary’s street is a sharrow and there’s a nice new bike lane on Glenwood between Oberlin and St. Mary’s.

    There’s a bike lane that begins out of nowhere on N. Salisbury and goes the length of one block. Why not extend it all the way into downtown?

    And why did they not make Peace a sharrow when they recently resurfaced it. You could have taken Glenwood to St. Mary’s to Peace to N. Salisbury and into downtown.

    And why didn’t they make one lane of Glenwood between Peace and Five Points - or farther - a sharrow when they spent all the time resurfacing it. There’s a bike sign at Aycock, but a dedicated or shared lane would have been nice. Couldn’t have taken that to and from Peace going in to or out of town.

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