Hopscotch 2012 Wristbands on Sale Thursday

Hopscotch 2012 Wristbands on Sale Thursday

November, 29, 2011, by David

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On Thursday Hopscotch will begin selling VIP and 3 Day Wristbands with single day and plaza tickets going on sale next year.  The basic wristband is $110 and gets you into all of the shows. VIP adds a special kick off party and priority entrance at all clubs.  Last year VIP tickets sold out day one and 3 day wristbands eventually did too.  For that sale the 2011 Lineup had been announced. 

This year ticket sales are starting much earlier and without the announced lineup, but we are thinking this is a sweet, albeit delayed, Christmas gift for that music fan. Tickets here.

Also, below is an update from the Hopscotch crew about more VIP wristbands being available post-lineup announcement in the Spring.

UPDATE: In response to some feedback we’ve received about our pre-lineup sale, we've decided to release 100 additional VIP wristbands on April 18, following the announcement of the 2012 Hopscotch lineup. So along with the entire allotment of 3-day wristbands on sale at 10 a.m. today, fans can choose to purchase when they please. Both VIP and All-Show options are available here: http://hopscotchmusicfest.com/tickets.


If you are one of the many previous attendees who secured their wristbands during yesterday's pre-sale, and you would rather wait until April 18 to buy, you can request a refund via Etix here: http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/help2.jsp. We will approve all refunds within 24 hours.

As always, thank you for your support. We can't wait until next September.

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  • crankasaurus
    11/29 03:44 PM

    why why why why WHY are they doing this pre-christmas? I’m so pissed I most likely will not be able to VIP this year - not going to give up christmas for my family over a ticket for myself. :(

  • quixoticus
    11/29 03:53 PM

    I hate it too. I want to go, but I just bought 2011 VIP tickets seven months ago, and now it’s three weeks before Christmas. Really stupid decision, almost makes me not want to go next year.  Their reasoning behind it doesn’t make sense to me at all.

  • Lara
    11/29 03:58 PM

    I imagine it’s so people can buy VIP passes for others as Christmas presents. Plus, didn’t it take until July for them to sell out of VIP bands last year?

  • hackles10
    11/29 04:03 PM

    ^Per article above, VIPs sold out day 1 last year.

    I think it took a few months for Hopscotch 2010

  • Jess
    11/29 04:04 PM

    VIP wristbands sold out in less than 3 hours for Hopscotch 2011…it was totally worth buying…and will be worth buying for 2012…hopefully! :)

  • Tim
    11/29 04:10 PM

    I agree, I’m going to be strapped as it is for Xmas.  Poor form Hopscotch =(

  • $$ Hipster
    11/29 04:50 PM

    If you are that strapped for cash, then you probably shouldn’t be buying VIP tickets in the first place.

  • Who
    11/29 04:50 PM

    Maybe the number of tickets sold will influence who they are able to get to perform? The more tickets, the bigger the acts?

  • Winasaurus
    11/29 04:58 PM

    crankasaurus needs to get a jobasaurus

    Great decision.  Less unemployed hipsters the better.

  • smitty
    11/29 06:13 PM

    Selling expensive backstage passes to mystery bands is further proof that Hopscotch has less to do with music and more to do with the lining of pockets and the defiling of hipster chicks by bearded bespectacled band members.

  • Derek
    11/30 12:58 AM

    Hopscotch is not a nonprofit venture.  The VIP tix will more than likely sell out within the week, if not the first day.  The controversy maybe in eliminating the 3-day club pass.  It was the best deal for budget minded locals and in addition to the free day parties,  it was enough music to blow your eardrums out through the next week…...

    The VIP pass is not a backstage pass…..  Most venues don’t have backstages and the majority of acts will be in the crowd around town if you want to say hello. 

    Crank, if you want the best Hopscotch experience, volunteer.

  • smitty
    11/30 07:48 AM

    Non-profit, awesome.  So where does the money go?  How much money went to charities last year and to which? 

  • peterocc
    11/30 09:45 AM

    Credit cards people! That is what they’re for. If you can’t pay off $175 in a few months then you probably shouldn’t be buying a ticket.  Smitty, they aren’t backstage passes and I will definitely buy passes to see “mystery bands” when the curators have already shown in the past two years what kind of talent they can bring in. They love music and probably intend on continusly bringing good music to Raleigh for a while. I trust them. Non profit or not, who cares.  The tickets are cheap as hell considering it’s for 3 days of music…all day and all night.

  • Dick Hertz
    11/30 10:36 AM

    Don’t worry Smitty, one day a bearded bespectacled guy will defile you too.  Hang in there.

  • Jortles Scrozzelly
    11/30 10:48 AM

    There is a huge difference between not turning a profit yet and being a non-profit.  Also they are full of sh*t about VIPs selling out in 3 hours last year.  They went on sale at Midnight and I got 2 VIPs the next day around 11am.  Then they start bragging about how they sold out in 3 hours or whatever.  They sold out in around 12, that’s pretty good, why lie?  F%*K Hopscotch and this selling tickets before they even have a line-up announced bullsh*t.  Moogfest blows it out of the water in every way anyway and with the RFID tag wristband system you get checked into each venue so fast the VIP is unnecessary, unlike Hopshwag.

  • Jortles Scrozzelly
    11/30 10:50 AM

    For what it’s worth I had a good time at the last two Hopscotch fests but this is a weak ass move and made it easy as hell to choose Moogfest over Hopscotch if I’m going to one fest next fall.

  • Cracked Rearview
    11/30 11:23 AM

    Get real!  Grayson Currin rides a golden bicycle with a fur seat.  They let him ride it in the VIP area inside Fox’s Liquor Bar; I’ve seen it.  And the rumors about Hootie playing the Friday night City Plaza show might be untrue.

  • Tyrone
    11/30 11:24 AM

    Why would anyone pay that much, this far in advance, for a concert that hasn’t even had a lineup announced yet?
    175 band? Great. What happens when it turns out to be 175 shitty bands? Not that I think it will judging by prior lineups but is it really worth the risk?

  • Tim Tebow
    11/30 12:09 PM

    If the shit fits, wear it.

  • matt
    11/30 12:45 PM

    Y’all crack me up.

    I don’t care if Currin rides a cock-horse or an armored car; Hopscotch is the best 3 days I’ve had two years running, and I don’t need to be familiar with, or think I already LIKE, every band I’m going to see. In fact, that’s half the pleasure, seeing new things and being surprised.

  • Todd
    11/30 02:27 PM

    All of this discussion is totally irrelevant if Hootie and the Blowfish are indeed playing hopscotch. You just can’t put a price on that.

  • Kevin
    11/30 02:30 PM

    If Hootie plays, we riot!

  • steelcity36
    11/30 03:50 PM

    I have had it with Hopscotch and its fleecing of 99% of Raleigh’s alternative music aficionados! I am joining #occupyhopscotch in their protest of all things VIP.

  • Jess
    11/30 04:24 PM

    Jortles Scrozzelly -

    Hopscotch 2011: Lineup was announced at midnight 4/20…Wristbands went on sale at 10am. Stick it with your hogwash.

  • Lara
    11/30 04:43 PM

    Man, I had no idea VIP wristbands sold out that quickly, I stand corrected! I’ve always been “authentically” poor and had to volunteer…The VIP party always looked fun, though.

  • Jortles Scrozzelly
    11/30 04:53 PM

    I don’t even have a Hogwash!

    12/01 09:46 AM

    I always buy the normal all-show passes and have never once waited in line.

  • hackles10
    12/01 10:21 AM

    ^not sure what venues you are going to but there has been a line at pretty much every venue I go to for the past two years.  Lincoln, Berkley, Pour House, Tir Na Nog, and Kings all have massive lines pretty much all night.

    12/01 10:50 AM

    Weird.  Went to mostly the same venues but never had to deal with lines.  Maybe it was the bands that were playing at the time.  I did wait about 5 min to get in for Toro y Moi this year but I think that was about it.

  • L B
    12/01 05:47 PM

    Huge lines at Lincoln Theatre last year well before Future Islands and Yelawolf on Saturday and before Black Lips on Thursday. Getting a VIP this year.

  • teevee
    12/02 09:53 AM

    on sale for over 24 hours and not sold out yet. apocryphal predictions - 0, reality - 1.

  • hackles10
    12/02 11:41 AM

    ^They gave refunds, and are setting aside 100 VIPs for sale on the April lineup release date.  I think that has lead to a lot of people waiting.

  • Michelle
    12/13 01:45 PM

    ^ Which proves that people would RATHER BUY THEM IN THE SPRING then three weeks before Christmas.

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