Hopscotch Untweets Michelle Obama Invitation for 2011

Hopscotch Untweets Michelle Obama Invitation for 2011

November, 08, 2010

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We aren’t sure what was going on this morning, when Hopscotch tweeted, and then promptly deleted, an invitation to the First Lady Michelle Obama for the 2011 Hopscotch Music Festival.  It was the AP picture of Michelle dancing across the hopscotch court in India that inspired the tweet.  We think they should of offered some comped VIP tickets,  otherwise some foreign dignitary is going to scoop her for the weekend of September 8th, 2011.  Maybe they thought the invitation was premature, or a poor marketing ploy, but at least they got a New Raleigh post out of it. 

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  • Jortles Scrozzelle
    11/08 02:28 PM

    Read before you post, this is grammatical/spellingerror.com

  • David
    11/08 03:00 PM

    Its true.  Scrodak you are a correction machine.com

  • Jortles Scrozzelle
    11/09 01:18 PM

    Somebody has to do it.  Might as well be me, Jortles Scrozzelle.  I’ll take the piss out of every “should of” up in this piece.

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