Bank of America CEO Hugh McColl Endorses Barack Obama

October, 06, 2008, by Jedidiah

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A lot has happened today in the world of the Charlotte Observer, first you have the paper endorsing Republican Pat McCrory for North Carolina Governor and now Hugh McColl, the former CEO of Bank of America has a letter in today’s paper chanting his “respect” for John McCain but Barack Obama is “whom we need now.”

Hugh McColl starts his letter to the Charlotte Observer this way:

In 49 years of living in Charlotte, I’ve seldom offered my opinion in writing and never submitted a piece such as this. The condition of our country compels me.

He goes on to sum up why he supports Obama and how he is the best leader in the current financial crisis. McColl is not only well known in the national banking world but also in the arts culture of North Carolina, with the McColl Center of Arts holding down the anchor for the arts community in Charlotte.

McColl’s decision to support Obama is a crucial one and should shed some light on the fact that money/banking doesn’t always go hand in hand with conservative politics.

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  • Bobby McDonald
    10/09 02:11 PM

    It truly is a sign of the times that a former CEO of Bank of America would endorse a Democratic nominee.  Traditionally, wealthy CEOs are always in favor of the Republican nominee (tax reasons).

  • Ryan
    10/09 11:41 PM

    I heart Hugh McColl.  A native Charlottean, I am thankful that McColl has worked so hard to bring arts and education to Charlotte.  While it is not always evident, his work has made Charlotte a better place to live.  His political beliefs are icing on the cake.

  • Ed
    10/14 07:44 AM

    The link above now links to a McCain endorsement. It used to not be and I’ve been spoofed for sending that link to friends. This is shameful on the part of the Charlotte Observer!

  • Ed
    10/14 07:45 AM

    click on the link: has a letter - other websites have the exact same link with the exact same problem. I also forwarded that link to friends when it was right.

  • Fiona Morgan
    10/14 03:31 PM

    I called the Charlotte Observer to figure out what happened—see this post at the Independent’s blog, Triangulator.

    Short version: It was a technical error that has since been fixed.

  • K. Myers
    11/09 02:58 PM

    McColl’s got the right idea, change wont come overnight, American’s need to learn to be more temperate, patient and understanding. The bottom line is this, our current financial situation is NOT OBAMA’S MESS.

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