Hurricane Hanna Might Rip Raleigh Wide Open

Or... Maybe Not

September, 02, 2008, by Mark

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UPDATE: The latest projection by the NOAA shows the center of the storm passing directly over Raleigh.

Scientists at some organization called the “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration” have predicted that Hanna (the storm formerly known as Tropical Depression 8) might run straight through town this coming weekend. Raleigh will be hosting Wide Open 3, a cultural festival of sorts which will celebrate the opening of the new Raleigh Convention Center, among other things.

This is only a projection for this storm, which could do anything from this point, as it wreaks havoc over the Bahamas. However, in the case that Hanna blows out to the east, Mother Earth has a backup plan to wipe out Raleigh Wide Open. The remnants of Hurricane Gustav may end up over North Carolina this weekend.

Click on the image for the most updated projected path of the storm.

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  • TSnow27604
    09/02 06:54 PM

    That stinks but here’s hoping I can at least see Arrested Development.

  • Aaron
    09/02 08:03 PM

    That is a seriously catchy headline. Good job!

    Like really, it’s really smart.

    But, I don’t care if there’s a storm on Christmas Day, the south needs the rain, so bring it on.

  • Ari
    09/03 12:51 AM

    Insanely catchy headline :)  I’m surprised anybody with a website of this genre would even care about a tropical cyclone.  I’m thinking a Charleston or Myrtle Beach landfall with the R/D area experiencing hurricane force winds.  I bet the Crabtree Creek is gonna flood again :(  In other news, the Raleigh City Council has approved The Edison.  YAY!!!!

  • rt
    09/03 01:35 PM

    Can anyone explain to me why we spent all those millions on a facility capable of handling large scale INDOOR events and then threw the Grand Opening celebration out of doors, and during hurricane season?

    Put the music inside, and invite the taxpayers in!!

  • Rusty
    09/03 02:57 PM

    It will definitely be a bummer if they end up rescheduling the event on account of the weather… I for one, will not be able to make it if they reschedule for next weekend.

  • Pete
    09/03 04:04 PM

    I really hope as a restaurant employee downtown that it is not canceled or moved cause we need this money and people downtown to see what we have to offer.  The hardest part is no one will know till thursday and that kinda screws us all.

  • Ari
    09/03 07:53 PM

    And, on top of Hanna, we may have to deal with Ike within about 20 days.  I’m not saying it WILL happen, I’m saying it’s a possibility.  If the Bermuda high stays in the same place, it could get steered right at us as a Category 3 Hurricane (SSHS).  I don’t think we will have to deal with Josephine, as it will likely get sheared apart by the end of the week.

  • MMI
    09/03 08:10 PM

    “Sheared apart?”  Really?  What Raleigh (and any other city more than 100 miles inland) will get is RAIN.  Specifically, we will get a tropical storm.

    Look, I lived on the coast for 8 years.  Those guys will get “sheared” if a decent-sized hurricane hits NC or northern SC.  Raleigh will get very wet.  The worst-case scenario is like Hurricane Fran - also a Category 3 storm.  The sustained winds that hit Raleigh were of less than hurricane strength.

    I guess it’s all relative—if you aren’t used to getting evac warnings 3-4 times a year, I’m sure TS winds are pretty scary.  Just promise me you won’t make a run on bread & charcoal at the grocery store.

  • Deb
    09/03 08:46 PM

    MMI, the problem with places inland is that yes, tropical storm force winds WILL cause lots of problems, especially if there is a lot of rain involved. Have you see the size of some of the trees around here? Many of them have never been pruned in their lifetime - top-heavy trees + saturated ground = trees falling left and right, taking out power lines and houses and blocking roads. Unlike coastal areas that get watches and warnings almost yearly, more inland places have less incentive to keep trees pruned during hurricane season. Tornadoes spinning off the storm are another factor to consider that many people aren’t even aware of.

    I lived all but the last few years of my life in Miami and have ridden out several hurricanes there including Andrew (during which I wondered if I’d live to see the sun rise the next morning), and know that we most likely won’t see that kind of event this far inland. Still, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be dangers and problems to be prepared for.

  • MMI
    09/03 09:02 PM

    Then we see different views of the same issue—it’s all relative.  After close to 7 years in Raleigh, I have seen enough damage and power outages from ice storms to be used to the problems you’ve described.

    I haven’t been to Miami.  I imagine that the tree issue isn’t nearly as important there, though.  How close to Miami do the pine forests, etc., start?  Those softwoods are among the first to go in a storm.  Palms & Palmettos, though, have a tendency to bend vs. breaking.

  • Deb
    09/03 10:10 PM

    Contrary to popular belief, palms and palmettos are not the only trees that grow in Florida. There are actually lots of oaks, more pines than they really want, and let’s not forget the ficus and banyans with their shallow root systems. The tree issue is SO important that you will see people all over FL having their trees cut back prior to the start of hurricane season. Even so, lots of trees still fall.

    It’s not that big of a deal to me, I can deal with a week without power in a waterlogged house in the middle of summer. Got that t-shirt several times over. I don’t see how anyone could be “used to” that, but if you are, then good for you. I’m just pointing out the fact that tropical storm force winds can and will cause damage that will often interrupt people’s normal lives.

    Also, I think Ari was referring to Josephine as being “sheared apart” from unfavorable atmospheric conditions, not Raleigh (which is how I’m guessing you you interpreted his comment). And neither was I - Raleigh will be fine. It just seemed as though you were making light of the potential effects of tropical storm conditions. I have learned the hard way not to make light of Mother Nature.

    And I promise, I won’t be buying bread and charcoal at the grocery.

  • MMI
    09/03 11:05 PM

    LOL—I know about the tree thing.  That’s why I asked where the pines started.  Much of Florida is like South Georgia—very flat and covered with pines and a few hardwoods.  That’s why I asked about Miami (which I have never visited).

    You’re right—that’s exactly how I read his comment.  It looks like that was a misread on my part.  The overall message is the same, though.  Nobody wants a rainout for this weekend, but even a Cat. 3 storm isn’t THAT big a deal for inland residents.  I’m hoping Hanna keeps veering West more & more.

  • richardfoc
    09/04 03:26 PM

    Some of you folks must not have been around for Fran (or Hugo in Charlotte) otherwise you wouldn’t be so dismissive of this or any other hurricane. I was living in Oakwood at the time and that morning after was one I’ll never forget. It looked like a bomb went off. Trees were down all over the place…on houses, on cars, across roads…everywhere. It took more than a week for my power to be restored and others waited even longer. The fact of the matter is that a hurricane CAN be a big deal for inland residents.

  • MMI
    09/05 06:12 AM

    No, I was in SC at the time.  Funny thing—Hugo *was* kind of a big thing down there.


    Look, I’m not saying that TS-force winds (and that’s exactly what Fran was in Raleigh—you can look it up) aren’t strong and a little serious.  I’m just saying that we should try and keep a little perspective.  Hanna is not going to cause hurricane-force winds to hit Raleigh, and we ought to be able to handle anything less than that.

  • gooie
    09/05 12:13 PM

    anyone remember Fran?

    We had 8 trees on our house!!!

    Yes, I keep perspective!

  • MMI
    09/05 06:20 PM

    OK, I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut at this point.  I don’t need the bad karma.  :)

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