Innovators’ Ball Fundraiser for Gov. Perdue at Flanders

Innovators’ Ball Fundraiser for Gov. Perdue at Flanders

October, 11, 2011, by David

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It's not too soon to think about the election.  Local businesses have come together to show their support and throw a party to help fundraise for the Bev Perdue campaign. Targeted as an accessible fundraiser for Raleigh 'innovators,' you can attend for as little as a $50 donation.  Wednesday night at 6pm.

Entertainment and food include: 

  • Music by The Small Ponds 
  • Heavy hors d'ouevres from Sono, Mura, Cameron Grill and The Oxford
  • Desserts from Bittycakes  and Wilmoore Cafe
  • Beer from Lone Rider Brewery 

Also the event will host a raffle for: 

  • Art by David McConnell
  • An evening at Poole's Diner 
  • Fashion from Raleigh Denim 
  • Furniture from Cherry Designs 
  • Wellness packages from Charman Driver and EVOLVE Movement 

Best of all, Gov. Perdue--along with other leaders--will be on hand to share their vision and talk about your ideas.

Entry is $50 with all proceeds benefiting the Bev Perdue Committee.  Buy your ticket here. 

Contributors at the $100 level will  get the above poster featured on this event page by Plastic Flame Press. Contributors at the $250 level will get the poster signed by Gov. Perdue and others.

Dress is creative business casual.

Buy your ticket here. 

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  • gspot
    10/11 04:46 PM

    “creative business casual”

    you have to be kidding

  • me
    10/11 07:58 PM

    Lol…....i was of the impression there would BE no elections to worry about next year?

  • Aaron
    10/12 12:30 AM

    Bev is gettin’ hip, ya’ll.

  • smitty
    10/12 08:25 AM

    No really, what is “creative business casual”?  Aprons?  Boots?

  • me
    10/12 09:26 AM

    Im pretty sure it involves a toboggan.

  • King D-Bag
    10/12 10:56 AM

    Dress like Doc Brown in Back to the Future.

  • gspot
    10/12 01:34 PM

    at $50 a head it sounds more like a “People Who Consider Themselves Innovative Ball”

  • Frank
    10/12 03:37 PM

    Didn’t she humiliate herself enough already on national television?  Maybe this is just another stunt to look hip.  Like constantly using improper English while representing our state on national TV, riding Obama’s coattails to get elected to a position she doesn’t belong in, and magically having all the investigations into her wrong doings suddenly dropped.

  • nicole
    10/13 09:25 AM

    why is there a light house in the raleigh skyline on the poster?

  • the lightkeeper
    10/13 11:43 PM

    nicole -

    There is a huge push by the left to fund a lighthouse in downtown.  This is because downtown “could really use” a lighthouse.  A lighthouse would stimulate jobs in the lighthousekeeper sector, a sector that has been devastated in the past 200 years.  And a lighthouse would bring people into downtown, who would of course dine, shop and browse art galleries while here, and that’s extra tax money right there.  The federal government has released $4M to NC for the purposes of studying the effectiveness of a lighthouse in downtown Raleigh.  Ultimately the lighthouse is a no-brainer.

    Further, it will shine a clear path to Richmond, which is helpful.

  • Aaron
    10/13 11:49 PM

    Why are there mountains in the background, then? Pray tell. Another sector of our economy that’s been really devastated in the past 200 years is slavery! That would put them lazy welfare recipients to work right?

  • raleighlighthouselover
    10/13 11:56 PM

    There are mountains in the background because mountains are a no-brainer.

  • Aaron
    10/14 12:46 AM

    No I think it’s just a ploy to guide the public into Bev’s ultra-hip, ultra-Marxist economic policies.

    10/14 10:24 AM

    She should dress as the Joker for Halloween.  Rev Barber could be the Penguin and Meeker could be the Riddler.

  • Aaron
    10/14 05:29 PM

    Umad? Margiotta is out.

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