It’s Official: NC Goes Blue, Obama Wins

November, 06, 2008, by Jedidiah

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For the first time since 1976, a Democrat has won North Carolina. It was announced today that Obama has officially won the state of North Carolina. North Carolina joins its neighbor Virginia as two of the few southeastern states that went blue in the 2008 Election. Florida was the third.

The final numbers look like this:

Obama - 2,123,334

McCain - 2,109,281

Barr - 25,419

Write-in - 14,195

This leaves the margin of victory at only 14,053 votes out of a total 4,272,702 votes cast.  This is a 69% voter turnout which is much higher than 4 years ago.

View full results and county-by-county here.

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  • Mike McLean
    11/06 05:22 PM

    This article lacks useful detail. You say “official,” but fail to link to, or quote, any official announcement. You merely link to a board of elections page that clearly says “UNOFFICIAL RESULTS” at the top.

    With a little searching, I was able to find other articles indicating that the Associated Press had made the call. Other outlets have yet to call it.

  • RaleighRob
    11/07 09:14 AM

    ^ I think in NC, it’s usually “unofficial” until they do the final certification.  But I think it’s safe to say that those few remaining provisionals, etc, will not change the outcome.

  • JT
    11/07 03:44 PM

    Since when are VA and FL considered southern?  NC is the ONLY true southern state to go blue.

  • Adrian Hands
    11/08 01:25 AM

    The election is over. Time to stay alert and informed and make sure that the president assembles a team of the BEST minds in the country. Get the team working on putting our economy back on track (an economy that includes JOBS), healthcare and Social Security. Establish an open, transparent whitehouse that works with Congressmen of all parties. Close GiTMO forever, and institute zero tolerance for torture. Begin a phased military withdrawl from Iraq and a surge of diplomacy with Iraq and its neighbors. Work with Congress to re-establish the checks-and-balances gutted by Bush/Cheney. Shift the nation to clean, safe, renewable energy.

    Then we can put his face on Mt. Rushmore. ;-)

  • javier
    11/09 12:51 AM

    NC, like VA, is changing demographically and culturally. VA and NC are Mid-Atlantic states that are evolving from its southern history.

  • Francis
    11/22 02:59 AM

    Sorry, Adrian; it looks like the Messiah is stacking the cabinet with Clinton retreads (including, unsurprisingly, a Clinton).

    So much for “change”.

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