Jason Adamo Releases New Song: Raleigh Nights

February, 12, 2009, by David

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Raleigh musician Jason Adamo is a fan of the city just like New Raleigh.  Now I’m not the most discerning listener but when Adamo’s sings something to the effect of “Ran into a Prop. down Moore Squares way”- I know he’s talking about my city. 

Adamo announced the track on his MySpace blog: “So I’m pretty excited about my new song “Raleigh Nights”, co-written by my brother Chris.” 

You can listen to the “Raleigh Nights” demo on Adamo’s Myspace Page

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Jason Adamo

  • Jason Adamo
    02/14 06:02 PM

    “Stumbled through the city, late New Years Day, ran into a prophet down Moore Squares way, she told me she would see me in another life, she said the end is near my friend and I think shes right”

    -Jason Adamo from the song “Raleigh Nights”

  • Steve
    02/16 09:42 PM

    Be sure to catch Jason on 3/7 at the Holly Springs Cultural Center!!! Get tickets at http://www.etix.com and search Holly Springs Cultural Center. Only $8 for 4 recording artists…

  • Jason Adamo
    03/10 04:36 PM

    Hey folks!  You can check out “Raleigh Nights” performed LIVE on NBC-17’s “Sessions in Studio B” at http://music.mync.com

    Check it out!

    You’ll see an interview with myself and my band performing “Sunflower” “Jackie” “Purple Sky” as well as “Raleigh Nights”!

  • Jason Adamo
    03/31 08:54 PM

    Another update for you guys…

    Tony Cowell (Simon’s older brother) a radio host of the show “The Cowell Factor” (ABC Radio Networks, “Fame Games”) recently mentioned that he is a big fan of “Raleigh Nights” on his show!


    Pretty cool I thought, hopefully “Raleigh Nights” will have a bigger audience out there soon!


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