Jibarra Spices Up Website, Offers $5 Lunch

March, 11, 2009, by Jedidiah

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Call it bad economy. Call it relocation celebration. Call it what you will. I’ll call $5 lunch at Jibarra a reason to eat there every day for two weeks.

Owner Hector Ibarra has decided to offer, for a limited time, any item on the lunch menu (small plates, soups, salads, and entrees) for only $5. Starting on March 17th and running until the 27th (Tuesday through Friday only), you too can have Enchiladas Gratinadas, Burrito de Arrachera, or Tacos de Camarón for almost 50% off. If you haven’t tried Jibarra because of the money factor, this is your chance. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, I have yet to be even at standard prices.

Also, Jibarra has spiced up their website with more info and nicer visuals.

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  • Sam
    03/11 09:24 PM

    Go, go, GO!  Their food is unbelievable, and the service is too.  I’ve been at lunch and for their brunch.  The mexican pulled pork sandwich is the jam!  Great bloody marys , as well.

  • RaleighRob
    03/12 09:16 AM

    Been once for dinner….loved the food 100%.  Don’t expect to be able to afford it often, so I’m excited about this lunch deal.  I’m sure there will be a crowd!  :-)

  • M.
    03/12 11:02 AM

    Support this great place guys/gals. Solid creative and tasty latin food, right in our backyard…

    I really hope they do well.

  • mgd
    03/12 04:41 PM

    Went here when it was in N Raleigh.  Crazy good!  Cant wait to try their lunch. 

    I wish Frazers was still open for lunch now that was a great value!

  • Chico
    03/12 10:36 PM

    Been there three times already, and loved it every time. Now there’s a $5 lunch? I’m taking the R-Line tomorrow!

  • blaine
    03/13 02:09 PM

    hey Chico, I was gonna go today too, and then re-read the article and quickly learned that in my exubulance I had missed the fact that the five dollar deal does not start until March 17th…well, I can wait I guess..

  • RaulVG
    03/15 12:06 AM

    Wow! I’m very familiar with the quality of the food and service that Jibarra offers. I can’t help but be reminded of hip and authentic joints back in Mexico. I can’t wait to come try their new lunch, in their new location, for such a great price.

  • Dawson
    03/16 05:09 PM

    Loved the food, but the service was awful.

    Went for brunch on Sunday and waited nearly and hour and half for my food to come out.  There were several tables that were sat after mine, which was admittedly a large group, that were served very quickly.

    Other than the extreme delay, everyone was nice and helpful.  However, waiting that long for brunch will keep me from going back anytime soon.

  • malloryhatcher
    03/26 05:44 PM

    My colleagues and I tried Jibara last week for lunch - for only $5! - & the food was amazing. The service was a little slow, but it was very busy and they’ve just opened up so it’s somewhat expected. Regardless, I definitely can’t wait to go back!

  • Rudy
    03/27 05:27 PM

    I went today for lunch and have to admit I was very disappointed.  I have been eager to try Jibarra after hearing all the rave reviews from friends.  My boyfriend and I waited at least 15 minutes for our drinks and a good 30+ minutes for our appetizer and entrees.  It didn’t seem that busy either.  There were lots of empty tables.  The queso was congealed and rubbery.  The Carne Asada tacos and quesadilla were O.K. but not worth the wait.  I’d choose Dos Taquitos over Jibarra any day. Overall, pretty disappointed…

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