Joan Jett to Play Raleigh Downtown Live

January, 22, 2009, by Jedidiah

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Not sure what to say about this one. Is this a plus for Downtown Live or another minus? It is one of the best choices so far and at least this one will get people talking.

Joan Jett
Moore Square
July 11th

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  • Jonathan
    01/22 07:13 PM

    As one of the more vocal critics in the previous article, I think this is a pretty cool addition.  Might even go down there for this one.

  • Stay,see
    01/22 09:18 PM

    This is awesome news! can’t wait

  • Magnus
    01/22 10:35 PM

    She should be opening for our own Jason Adamo.

  • sasquatch
    01/23 12:19 AM

    me come out of forest for this love rock and roll too just like joan.will bring friends otter and hoot owl.we raise heck in city of oaks ,play game where wack stop sign with log to beat of music,heh heh…so much fun sasquatch tinkle on otter’s head…me be there for sure,maybe bring lady sasquatch with…oh man….uhuhuhuhuhuhhuhuhuhhhhuhuhhhuhhhuhhhhhhhhhuhuh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brian_M
    01/23 12:24 AM

    Um, I and a lot of people I know will be there for this. It’s about freakin time they get somebody great down there…

  • richardfoc
    01/23 01:11 AM


  • Karen A. Mann
    01/23 08:35 AM

    Definite plus. they did good with this one.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    01/24 01:02 AM

    I’m excited, but I’m excited about Devil Went Down to Georgia, too (yes, I know that’s not the band name). What can I say, I’m all over the place.

  • Bill S.
    02/25 11:51 AM

    Saw on her site that they were coming to Moore Square.  Didn’t know there were concerts in Moore Square until now.  I’ll be there for this one!

  • Eric Erickson
    05/08 08:21 PM

    Joan f*ing rocks.  I saw her in 1982 at the now defunct “Noon to Moon Jam” at the recreation area in Benson that I believe is now known as Tucker Lake - names change, memory fails - it *was* a couple years (read “decades”) back. Jett rocked and got a huge reception with her then current hits from the 1981 “I Love Rock and Roll” album. 

    Was quite an event in that time and in that place.  Several national bands were there - one hit wonder, Greg Kihn Band, comes to mind. I believe Cheap Trick was there in either 82 or 83.

    NC was well represented with our own local Sidewinder, PKM, Fabulous Knobs, Super Grit Cowboy Band and Nantucket.  Whatever the case, Joan Jett was a standout among all of them.

    Doesn’t matter if she has gotten older - Jett is a rocker to the core! She has outlasted almost all of those “80’s” bands and continues to rock! It will be a great show!

  • JB
    06/18 05:55 PM

    Joan Jett never played the Noon to Moon Jam at Scott Lake in Benson ,I worked with Showtime who put those on.

    She however did play the Pier in Raleigh when her first album came out and she played Roadies in Goldsboro

  • Eric Erickson
    06/19 11:48 PM

    JB - It occurs to me that I actually have pictures of her on stage the same year Greg Kihn was there.  Need to go fidget through the photo books, but I really do believe she was there.  There WAS a lot of drinking going on though :)

    I was there in 82 and 83 - think it fizzled after that.. What were your memories of this?  Send directly to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)!  I would appreciate your memories on this - it DID rock! Think JJ was there - but whenever you had PKM up there in those days, just couldn’t be beat!

    Scott Lake - yes THAT was the name!! 

    Thanks for the input JB!

  • Clay
    07/06 10:11 AM

    Don’t have any idea where she played way back in the day. But I do know that she still rocks and I am definitely going out to this one. This is the first band, for me, that has piqued my interest enough to go down there with the crowds. I think there will be a huge crowd for this one!

  • Psy-Ko
    07/09 09:24 AM

    Im driving about 4hrs to be there and I know of others doing the same so I’d say it’s a plus. Never been to Raleigh before, any decently priced hotels around the show or should I just drive home after?

  • gd
    07/09 11:07 AM

    What do you consider decently priced?  Theres plenty around, but if you say what you’re lookin’ to pay, its easier to point you in the right direction - also knowing if you want to cab it from the hotel or walk it from the hotel makes a difference.

  • RaleighHomeofAmericanIdolJunk(ies)
    07/10 12:37 PM

    Wow, someone decent playing in Raleigh?? This IS a shock!!!

  • LS
    02/20 02:49 AM

    Wow…I was at the Noon to Moon jam in 1983 and 1984.  If you have pictures I would love to see them.  I actually got to meet Greg T. Walker from Blackfoot.  I was pretty young and pretty trashed and on someone’s shoulders when I was told to come backstage after the show and meet him.  He signed my T-shirt and my mom totally washed it the next day!  OMG! It would a trip to see the Showtime video of it.  I remember seeing the cameras while I was on my friends shoulders, thinking that I hope my mom doesn’t see this bottle of whiskey in my hand.

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