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The Home of Joe's Mamma's Cookin'

January, 26, 2009, by David

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In a heartfelt letter the owner of Joe’s place thanks his customers and announces his closing after 29 years. “This Friday, January 30th, we’ll serve lunch at Joe’s Place for the last time,” says the letter. He says there is no talking him out of it this time, but maybe he can be convinced.

My Dear Friends-

I have finally reached the very difficult decision to close Joe’s Place.
For more than 29 years you have shared your lives and much laughter with us. 

It is during our times of great joy and sorrow that we learn who our friends are.  Connie and I define friends as the people we choose to call our family.  We have been richly blessed with the good fortune that has brought many of you our way. 

Thank you all for the countless treasured moments we have spent together.

You have greatly enriched our lives and have been incredibly generous with your show of support and love over these many years.

We tried this once before, three years ago, and your outpouring overwhelmed us, demanding an encore.  This Friday, January 30th, we’ll serve lunch at Joe’s Place for the last time; and you’re not going to talk me out of it this time!

We truly have enjoyed our run at it, but feel that now it is time for us to move on.

We will leave here with many fond memories and the hopes that the future will look favorably upon y ou and your families.

Please know that while we may not see each other as often, you will always be held closely in our hearts.
You will always be welcome at our campfire.

Thank you again for all the good times.
We love you all.

Keep Smiling,
-Joe & Connie

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  • 01/26 11:33 AM

    Aw man…

  • kg
    01/26 11:47 AM

    nooooo!  oh well, good luck and thanks for the lunchs.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    01/26 12:24 PM

    I don’t know if I’ve ever been there, but I’ve driven by it countless times and will miss seeing it if nothing else!

  • GD
    01/26 12:49 PM

    I ate here once.  I don’t really recall anything about it, but I will miss seeing the neon sign.  hopefully someone fills this space quickly.

  • Rob
    01/26 01:45 PM

    Damn! Where am I going to go for cheese sandwiches on pumpernickel now? I used to go to Joe’s with my pop back in the 80s and have always loved going there since I started working downtown. You’ll be missed!

  • Lori B.
    01/26 02:27 PM

    ohhhhhh no, those are THE BEST green beans any where!  Good Luck you will be greatly missed.

  • BuckyK
    01/26 04:27 PM

    It is a true testament to the priorities of the citizens of our community when the eulogy for Joe’s Place (where many commentators have never visited) gets SEVEN posts, but the announcement that Kay Yow dies gets ZERO…

  • Kurt
    01/26 04:31 PM

    Their generous portions for modest prices got me though some lean times back in the day. They will be missed.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    01/26 04:47 PM


    After commenting on TriangleBusinessJournal, WRAL, and ESPN, New Raleigh was much later with the news. I applaud each outlet for paying tribute, but comments will be at a minimum if folks have already commented everywhere else.

  • John Torrico
    01/30 10:38 AM

    No more Joe’s Place? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

    Dining at Joe’s always gave me a feeling of being in Raleigh way back before the city showed up… Joe and Joe’s will both be missed.

  • Carson
    01/30 07:19 PM

    I am so sad. This place was the best. Whenever I was starting to get a cold I’d go here for some soul food.

    Now where am I gonna go?

  • corey3rd
    01/31 12:34 PM

    But we now have a downtown Jimmy Johns! The mayor has his priorities.

  • kris
    01/31 01:47 PM

    I will miss Joe’s as much as anyone, but the mayor has nothing to do with an individual’s decision to be in business.

  • corey3rd
    01/31 01:52 PM

    It was just the strangeness that a hometown place closes and he’s throwing a big wingding when a fast food shot declares it will open up.

    This is almost as bad as when they shut down Raleigh to celebrate NC State beating a overrated Notre Dame team in a second rank bowl game.

  • corey3rd
    01/31 08:17 PM

    Reading the N&O interview with Joe, I think Meeker’s rosy picture of downtown’s is responsible for Joe’s Place shutting up. “He expected downtown to explode after the new convention center opened. It hasn’t. “Too many restaurants,” he said. “Now they’re eating their own flesh.”“

    The mayor made way too many promises about what will happen when we open up Fayetteville Street. This great influx. I was downtown for dinner last night and I didn’t see outsiders looking for places to eat.

    I’m getting word from my sources that Glenwood South will lose lots of businesses because their customers want to be seen Downtown. The herd shifts in this town and what was hot goes cold extremely fast. Somebody must suffer for his neighbor’s success in this market.

  • TheCatalyst
    02/02 07:34 PM

    Nooooooo! Joe’s had more character than five of the last restaurants to close put together!!

  • mtman
    01/12 06:20 PM

    Truely The best folks ever!

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