Joshua Hoffman’s Raleigh Cat Photos

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July, 20, 2009, by David

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Last week’s Raleigh Cat was a huge success, bringing folks out from every age group.  One of the stops in the race was getting your photo taken by the talented Joshua Hoffman.  Below are a few but click through to see Joshua’s huge collection of over 100 different bikers from the race.

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  • shawn rocco
    07/20 01:07 PM

    these are pretty damn awesome. and addicting. couldn’t stop scrolling through. way to document a growing segment of raleigh’s population.
    thanks joshua.

  • Adrian Hands
    07/20 01:50 PM

    Hey—a Moulton too!

  • mickey
    07/21 10:20 AM

    I was biking home about three weeks ago and the dude with the green tires rode past jamming with his loud speaker.  I was so jealous of that bike and his tunes!  He inspired me to take out the headphones and crank up the speaker on my ipod so the world can suffer and listen to my rad tunes as I enjoy my ride around Ral-City!

    Thanks green tire purple handle bars bike guy!

    -Black tire grey handle bars bike guy

  • bliss
    07/21 05:40 PM

    love these! well done. so sad i missed the event.

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