What Was Kate Gosselin Doing Serving Breakfast At Finch’s Tuesday?

What Was Kate Gosselin Doing Serving Breakfast At Finch’s Tuesday?

December, 08, 2009, by Ladye Jane

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In what can barely be described as news, a celebrity sighting this morning made (or ruined) some Raleigh residents’ breakfast. Sporting a much more tamed than usual hairdo, Kate Gosselin, one half of America’s most annoying reality TV couple, was spotted by WRAL serving up food to the patrons of Finch’s restaurant on Peace Street.

The “star” of Jon & Kate Plus 8 was apparently shooting material for a future program, but the details seem to be pretty sketchy. Was anyone there and can comment on her serving skills or lack there of? What could the name of this “future program” be?

Link to the WRAL story and more.

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  • T-Plain
    12/08 10:44 PM

    and the crowd goes mild

  • Todd
    12/08 11:57 PM

    make it go away…her and palin both…

  • Minus the Eight
    12/09 06:59 AM

    Makes sense, Finch’s is overrated and dirty and so is she!

  • JB
    12/09 09:02 AM

    Great.  Another breeder whose 15 minutes are up.  Where are your offspring?  In Finch’s kitchen?  And whomever told you that the reverse mullet is in style lied to you.

  • Adrian Hands
    12/09 09:39 AM

    serving scrambled eggs & pork brains?

  • Kate
    12/09 10:41 AM

    She needs to be home taking care of her kids. What a mess this chick has made out of her life. She has run off her brother and sisters not to mention her husband is screaming into the night. She is NOT fascinating to be on Barbra Walters and GOD I HOPE THE SHOW GETS SHELVED. There is NO way ppl will watch her. She is a MONSTER.

  • arthurb3
    12/09 11:43 AM

    She has vacationed on Bald Head Island so I guess this means she likes North Carolina?

  • Lisa Jeffries
    12/09 11:47 AM

    “There is NO way ppl will watch her.”

    They wouldn’t keep showing her if people didn’t. Sad situation of things.

  • BillT
    12/09 02:24 PM

    Little known fact: Trailblazer Studios in Raleigh produces J&K+8 and many TLC shows.

  • ct
    12/09 02:41 PM

    I don’t watch her show, but neither do I bear her any ill will. She wears a bikini well for age 34. Whether anybody will remember her 5 or 10 years from now, time will tell.

  • Kate
    12/09 03:47 PM

    Hell, Im over 40 and I wear a bikini and have kids. That doesn’t make one facilitating. I hope that people will NOT remember her in 5 MONTHS not years. She is just a horrible person and she needs to worry about taking care of her kids and NOT being on TV. She is just the worst.

  • JRD
    12/09 04:33 PM

    The fact that everyone is so strongly opinionated on the matter proves that you have at some point reduced yourself to watching the show and gave her the time of day at some point.  So shut up and deal with it cause you’re no better than her.

  • ct
    12/09 05:59 PM

    Fragmentation of the media provides the opportunity of visibility to people like Gosselin. When I was a teenager, there were four TV networks. Ten years ago, Time Warner Cable carried about 70 channels. Now there are several hundred channels, not to mention YouTube and Hulu and on and on. We’re not yet to the point where everyone who wants 15 minutes of fame can get it, but certainly there are a lot of people getting their 15 minutes who never could before.

    My sincere congratulations go to women over 40 with kids who wear bikinis.

    12/09 06:05 PM

    HEY JRD you are brutally ignorant and RUDE. YOU must be KATE herself. For anyone to tell others to SHUT UP is not only mean its typical KATE nonsense. And this witch has been in the news for months so people DONT have to watch the show to know she is a money grubbing master manipulator.  So SHUT UP back at ya. RUDE A@@

  • Robbie
    12/09 07:04 PM

    I was there from 9:15 until 10:15 and I never saw her serve a morsel. She came out of the kitchen a couple of times with and without an apron on, but the camera was not in sight. The camera crew spent a good bit of time with George and there was a migration of the crew into the kitchen for maybe 10 minutes. One crew member said to me “we’re just doing a trail run for a possible reality show.” I got my service and eggs over easy just the same as any other day :-)

  • Brian
    12/09 07:13 PM

    I’ve never watched her show but I’ve had to deal with the peripheral nonsense lately.  I certainly don’t feel bad for the woman, as I know quite a few single mothers who work hard to raise gaggles of children without the benefit of gobs of television revenue.

  • Carrie
    12/09 07:44 PM

    I was there when this so called ” star” was here and I NEVER saw her lift her fake manicured paws.  She stayed in the corner with her lover oops I mean bodyguard like she is some huge star and was forever on the phone. ( didnt she once complain that Jon was always on the phone? Hello Kettle its me Black calling ) and she kept rolling her eyes like she was being inconvenienced. This chick is NOT a star.

  • JRD
    12/09 08:58 PM

    to say that about kate is brutally rude.  So SHUT UP!  Ha!

  • MCM
    12/09 09:03 PM

    Hey Extra do me a favor & SHUT UP! To all those people that have there panties in wad over her presence, GET A LIFE!

  • Extra
    12/09 09:55 PM

    MCM dbag why dont you go back to your little dumb trash board over at ROL and spew your venom over there.  Your a ignorant piece of crap and YOU know it. LOSER hiding behind a pc starting crap. YOU wish you had a LIFE.  dillhole.

  • Extra
    12/09 09:58 PM

    One last thing MCM. If you are going to bash people it would be in your best interest to learn how to use a word properly in a sentence. Its THEIR not THERE.

  • Johnny
    12/09 11:09 PM

    hey mcm why dont you do all of us a favor and close your hole. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and for you to tell someone to shut up is just plain ridiculous . What are you 10? Here’s another favor you can do.. GO AWAY and DONT COME BACK YOUR NOT WANTED HERE.

  • Micah
    12/09 11:13 PM

    Wow.  I know that there some NewRaleigh regular posters that act like children. Now I wonder if perhaps there actually ARE children here!

  • MCM
    12/10 12:21 AM

    What the hell is ROL and do you cry when the sun sets? You people sure are sensitive. Whining like a bunch of little bitches. Johnny I wasn’t even talking to you, so you can go dildo yourself.

    I’m nervous about hitting submit since THERE’S no spell check button.

  • iam4navy
    12/10 08:03 AM

    File this under: No one cares!

  • JR
    12/10 09:40 AM

    SHOCKING that people actually speak to one & other like this. What is the matter with you MCM?  “GO DILDO YOURSELF” what are you 16? Why don’t you stick to the subject instead of attacking others?

  • RaleighRob
    12/10 01:45 PM

    OK like now I’m wondering who this person is.

  • Carver
    12/10 02:32 PM


  • sally
    12/10 05:22 PM

    For the record, the reason she wears a bikini well is that she had a tummy tuck. Can’t recall the story behind it, and I’m kind of embarrased that I even know that.

  • roi
    12/10 05:26 PM

    Hmm!  Were we commenting about Finch’s Cafe and some so-called TV star?  I haven’t been to Finch’s in 20 years.  Is it still opened? How is the food? Who cares about what’s her name.

  • arthurb3
    12/10 06:14 PM

    Some of you are quite an embarrassment. I hope people from other cities read your comments and think we are as ignorant and stupid as some of you?

  • arthurb3
    12/10 06:16 PM

    Ops. typo.
    Some of you are quite an embarrassment. I hope people from other cities read your comments and don’t think we are as ignorant and stupid as some of you appear to be?

  • Chitowngal
    12/10 08:08 PM

    I happened to find this article and although the article is well written the comments on here are beyond ignorant and well for lack of better words just plain DUMB. People are calling others out over a person they don’t know. Why? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  And for a person to remark about a “sex toy ” when referring to someone else is beyond comprehension. Make one wonder who is making these remarks.

  • Betsy Cowan
    12/16 04:41 PM

    What is wrong with you people?  Why are you bashing Kate?  I have enjoyed watching the children grow up and I think Kate has done a SUPER job. I wish I had even half of her organizational skills. To some people it might have looked like she was being rude to Jon, but with that many children she had to get his attention to get help quickly at times. It’s very sad that Jon has behaved the way he has - he must be going through a midlife crisis.  I really believe he will deeply regret the divorce in the future and the way he has behaved.  Kate is a SUPERB MOTHER and person!!

  • gd
    12/16 05:16 PM

    sounds like someone has a lil crush on Kate.

  • Ale
    12/17 12:52 AM

    This is what I think of her I liked her at first,But when I seen her over on Bald Head Island and seen the way she acted it really made me sick because once being a single mother I felt sorry for her, But she is very ugly,mean and she thought that her name got her everything over there.. She lost her code to get into the Bald Head Island club when the pro shop attendent ask her for ID to make sure she was on the list to enter she SHOUTED!!!!! LOOK MAN DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM…. I do understand havng that many kids will drive you nuts and make you be in moods from time to time but not with the whole world

  • Micah
    12/17 01:10 AM

    I don’t believe it.  Heresay.

  • ale
    12/17 01:24 AM

    Look here you dumba$$ I seen this with my own two damn EYES!!!!! hearsay my ass… I liked her until I seen this in june…. I seen her everyday for the two weeks she was there.. she was one rude bitch a ten year old went up to her and ask her for a autograph and she told that child if she did not have one of her books it was going to be 20.00… Were you there??????? I dont fucken think so…. so the best thing for you to do is stick you dumb comment up your ass

  • Micah
    12/17 02:54 AM

    Oh, Ale.  I can tell you are a fun person.  I don’t believe a word you you say, but you seem like a treat nontheless!  Next time I am out your way we should drink some Bud Lights and talk about all the good Jerry Springer episodes we had done seen in the past week.

  • ale jr
    12/17 09:19 AM

    I seen her too.  She done did what daddy said.

  • NL~Woman
    01/21 09:12 AM

    I’m confused…..if none of you guys like her why are you wasting your time bashing her!!!!
    I did enjoy the show, I was not a fan of her attitude. But thats life!! I just don’t under stand your behavior, It seems like your jelous.
    people really need to remember that we are all human, and we tend to make lots of mistakes. We don’t need other to come down on us for it, but help us see the errors in our ways!!

  • Hannah Lightfoot
    01/21 09:54 AM

    You have gotta be kidding… Do you know what ” FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS” It’s something used in the United States where folks are allowed to speak their minds. You seem to be somewhat of a hypocrite.  You come here to comment but yet you say you didnt like her attitude. You did exactly what everyone else was doing.  Glad to see your a follower and not a leader.  And its quit hysterical to say people are jealous.
    ( by the way that is the correct way to spell it ) How can one be jealous of someone who is beneath them?  So next time you want to call folks out you better look at yourself first.

  • NL-Dude
    01/21 09:59 AM

    >  We don’t need other to come down on us for it,
    > but help us see the errors in our ways!!

    Okay, I am not going down on you, just saying:
    - ellpises (”...”) should have three dots not five.
    - “understand” is one word, not two.
    - “jealous” should have an “A”
    - “you’re”, meaning “you are” should be your spelled “you’re”, not “your”
    - “others” should have an “S”

  • arthurb3
    01/21 11:17 AM

    OH! This gave me a good laugh!!

  • NL~Woman
    01/21 02:17 PM

    I never wrote that with the intention of hurting anyones feelings, or to have mine hurt(sorry sometimes I type to fast and make spelling errors). I just didn’t really understand why people are saying such mean things, because lets face it, we are all a little “crazy” in our own way.
    And I know all about freedom of speech, but I don’t think it gives us the right to be rude!!

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