Kentucky Bball Point Guard John Wall Transfers to NC State

Kentucky Bball Point Guard John Wall Transfers to NC State

April, 01, 2010, by Vince

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This article was posted on April Fools’ Day 2010

So March Madness is almost over, but there is still room for shock this late in the season.  Freshman superstar point guard John Wall, the projected #1 draft pick in the NBA this year, has decided NOT to declare himself eligible for likely #1 pick having New Jersey Nets.  No, John Wall is taking a cue from the tale of The Prodigal Son.  Wall has announced that he will return to the college game.

But where does “the prodigal son” aspect of this come in?  Well, Wall shocked UK coach John Calipari and company by announcing his plans to return to Raleigh and enroll at NC State.

“I’ve been surrounded by great players and great coaches while learning all the things that would take me to the next level,” Wall stated in a press conference early this morning. “However, I feel that I have disappointed my family and my friends back home.  When I fouled out in the final minutes of our match-up against West Virginia, I realized that for me to be truly great, I should take a once great program and bring it back to prominence.”

When asked by a reporter whether he thought Kentucky was that program, Wall replied. “Oh, hell naw, man.  I was talking with my boy (former Wolfpack star) Julius Hodge and he said that NC State invented the tournament as we know it today by laying the groundwork with the ACC tournament.  It was then I realized I should be playing in the ACC and where in the ACC I should be playing.  I’m coming home Raleigh, I’m coming home.  Let the Red Reign begin!”

With returning players like Tracy Smith, Richard Howell and Scott Wood, along with incoming 5-start prospects Lorenzo Brown and Ryan Harrow, State is beginning to look like a potential favorite for a Final Four run next year.  CJ Leslie is now on board with the Pack.  Sadly, Javi Gonzalez has decided to forgo his senior year in persuit of a lucrative boxing career.  We wish him the best.

“Oh Snap!  Red Reign is coming baby!  Pack 2011” exclaimed returning starter Josh Davis on his Twitter feed.  Julius Mays also twittered his reaction:  “In da gym wit Wood.  Just hit 74 in a row.  Perimeter prowess.  Oh man, Wood just hit 83 in a row!  Pack will rule hard!”

Things are looking up for the Pack.  Finally.  However, all is not good for some.  Coach K and Roy Williams have furrowed their collective brows.  Roy Williams could only be quoted as saying “Daggummit ya’ll” with Coach K deciding to forgo any series with NC State this season.  “Well, if we play them in the tournament, I’m gonna go ahead and say we forfeit.”

Look for the Reign of Red to begin when State opens its season in November 2010 with a double header, playing UCLA and Houston at the same time.

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  • rl
    04/01 08:56 AM


  • ashley Massengill
    04/01 09:12 AM

    this is completely unacceptable April Fools joke.  Because it’s not on ESPN or the N&O and they would have this as headline news.  It’s too big to not be.  And CJ Leslie has not committed yet anywhere although NC State does remain at the top of his list.

  • rl
    04/01 10:07 AM

    damn i feel like a dick right now lol

  • BT
    04/01 10:39 AM

    Terrible. It’s not even close to being believable, and just reinforces the fact that newraleigh is no better the local fishwrap.

  • BT
    04/01 10:40 AM

    Sorry, that should read “no better than the local fishwrap.”

  • Carver
    04/01 10:45 AM

    HaHaHa… Classic!

  • Chris
    04/01 12:27 PM

    Even as a State fan I know that our basketball program is so pathetic that there is no way in hell that anybody with any talent would ever play at NC State.

  • CX
    04/01 12:52 PM

    April Fools on New Raleigh is a tradition. Not everyone can fall for every story, but its funny nonetheless for those that do, even on one’s that are obviously jokes. Sorry for those that can’t enjoy.

  • greg
    04/01 01:08 PM

    The story was mildly entertaining but the goofs who responded are naive to publicly admit that they believed for an instant that Wall would do this.  C’mon, folks!  Do your parents know you are posting and not studying for your fourth grade EOG?  LOL!

  • Collins
    04/01 01:14 PM

    “Sadly, Javi Gonzalez has decided to forgo his senior year in persuit of a lucrative boxing career.  We wish him the best.”

    That is hilarious, along with State playing UCLA and Houston at the same time.  Great stuff.

  • krbbb
    04/01 02:57 PM

    I have 4 courtside tickets for the NCSU vs UCLA and Houston in Reynolds for sale.  Let me know if anyone is interested.

  • Rex
    04/02 08:46 AM

    Last year’s to-do about a new Boylan Bridge location and their choice to not serve beer was a great effort.

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