Kings Coming Soon, Neptune’s Parlour Now Open

Kings Coming Soon, Neptune’s Parlour Now Open

July, 08, 2010, by Jedidiah

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photo by Neptune’s Parlour

According to Menconi, over at the N&O, Kings Barcade’s upstairs music venue will open later this month (July) and Neptune’s, the basement bar that will replace Alibi, will open this weekend (Friday). The street level restaurant will be called The Garland (a reference to former neighbor Garland Jones, RIP?) and will hopefully open later this year, possibly around Hopscotch time in September. King’s will be one of the main venues for the Hopscotch Fest.

Interesting that Gouge Wrestling will return to downtown at the end of July as well with Cherry Bounce. Gouge Wrestling was formerly a staple at Kings on McDowell.

UPDATE: Neptune’s Parlour is now open.

Neptune’s Parlour
14 West Martin St.

Mon - Thurs: 8:00 pm - 2:00 am
Fri - Sun: 6:00 pm - 2:00 am

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  • hackles10
    07/08 04:41 PM

    Great News! I just have one question…What if people trying to get to “The Garland” accidentally head to the old Garland Jones location on Salisbury and get totally lost…this place could easily go out of business with a generic naming mistake such as this.  They should name it Boil, or Flash, or Platypus!  I demand UNIQUE NAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • slim charles
    07/08 04:56 PM

    still curious as to whether the coverup will return to its old home or continue at the nog. possibly a double venue event? that would be sweet.

  • emc
    07/08 06:24 PM

    There is no way they will lose any significant amount of business because of the name. How could they get “helplessly lost” when all they would have to do is turn around and look across the street? Keep the name, lose the idiot patrons that don’t know where they are going before they leave the house.

  • Chico
    07/08 06:58 PM

    No business in Raleigh has ever gone out of business because of it’s name. Get off of that already.

    P.S. Is “Chico’s Chicken & Bitches” unique enough for you?

  • emc
    07/08 07:12 PM

    I want Chico’s Chicken & Bitches NOW!!

  • Tuff Jew
    07/09 04:33 AM

    Chico, I’ll be there.

  • Excited Patron
    07/09 08:14 AM


  • hackles10
    07/09 08:47 AM

    It was a joke, I think the naming is great.  Check the Capital Club 16 articles if you need a frame of reference.

  • tiz
    07/09 09:39 AM

    anyone got any help on how to get hired at the garland?

  • Dan from Detroit
    07/09 09:56 AM

    @hackles10 - I would but I tried to go there but my wife & I ended up at a private club so I got back in my BMW and beat it back to our 2.5 children and dog in N. Raleigh as fast as I could.  Downtown is scary & names are confusing :(

    p.s. Going to try Neptunes tomorrow night

  • W
    07/09 10:04 AM

    Confirmed: Neptune’s will be open tonight.  Enjoy.

  • hackles10
    07/09 10:41 AM

    @Dan from Detroit - Once the strip malls started flying w/ unique chain restaurants on every corner your blood pressure probably went down 100 points.  Its a big ‘ole scary world downtown…not for the faint of heart or directionally challenged!

    07/09 11:23 AM

    There is a restaurant in Wrightsville Beach called King Neptune.  My brain hurts.

  • Steelcity36
    07/09 02:25 PM

    I hope they have Gluten Free beer! Raleigh is so behind the times in this aspect. Actually they should name the restaurant Celiacs.

  • richardfoc
    07/09 04:51 PM

    Let’s hope people don’t think they are going to the old Neptune’s Galley and get all disappointed when King Neptune and his trident are nowhere to be found.

  • Vern
    07/09 05:44 PM

    Kings isn’t Kings with a Ms. Pac-Man machine and Chico to break a dollar for me.

  • Insufferable Hipster Douchebag
    07/09 08:32 PM

    Yes, Flash Boiled Platypus!

  • boob
    07/09 09:01 PM

    Holy shit, y’all are boring.
    Long live Cico’s chicken n’ biscuits!

  • boob
    07/09 09:02 PM

    ooops. Chico’s…

  • Evolved
    07/10 03:08 PM

    Alright, we get it. Kings changed your life.  The experiences you had there made you into the Mac-using, hyper-connected urban farmer you are today.  But guess what, reunions only last a day.  Aged hipsters eventually give up, join the rat race and a business cannot survive on people that go out once a month.  They need to build a clientele of new people interested in CURRENT trends.  Do hipsters want to party with older hipsters and their kids? Dance your ass off to a Panda Bear remix next to a dude with an adopted kid in a baby BJORN?

    Chico’s Chicken Biscuits….Hell yes

  • rdugirl
    07/10 07:17 PM

    Anyone check it out last night?

  • Seann
    07/11 10:33 PM

    Had a great time there last night.  With the crew that was working it was almost like Jackpot 2.0

  • Micah
    07/12 02:00 PM

    We went on Saturday night and had a great time.  It was pretty crowded considering the opening was mostly advertised word-of-mouth and last-minute.  I saw a lot of familiar faces from my group, the aging hipsters, but I also saw a ton of people I have never seen before.  A venue such as Neptunes/Kings certainly needs BOTH the old and the new to survive.  They will be just fine.

  • TheWaveLife
    07/13 04:11 PM

    Chico’s Chicken and Bitches?!?! Sign me up.

    ~Aging Hipster Bitch

  • Keith Crabtree
    07/14 08:16 AM

    Great!  I’ll add this place to the list of places I’ll pretend to hang around.  Can’t wait for the “Save Kings” facebook group so I can tell stories of spending my saturday nights with my face in an 80s arcade game, hoping it will return soon.

    I think this place should open as a non-profit - then it’ll never ever go out of business!

  • Everyone's Facebook Friend
    07/14 05:01 PM

    dear neptunes staff/dj’s -

    pretty please don’t create a shiny polished jackpot. the second night the joint was open a large group of people arrived with the hopes and dreams of dancing tunes and familiar faces that carried over from the night before. excitement and giddiness throughout! but there was definite disappointment on the music end, as per typical jackpot fashion, the beats were not dropped WELL into the night. get those goofy awkward hipsters off their butts and out of those booths and let them dance it out! we have sat across from friends and insignificant others long enough up the road. your eclectic music tastes are very much appreciated but these town drunks and drunkettes are ready for a good ol’ fashioned hoe down on a regular basis.

  • Peter_K
    07/14 10:27 PM

    Alibi 1.0 & Alibi 2.0 proved to me that you could have a great crowd & a great time without live music. I’m sure I’ll check out Neptune just to see what they changed on the inside, but I was never really a Kings person. So there’s no real draw for me in that.

  • OldeSchool
    07/22 11:38 AM

    Hit Neptune Wednesday night, good mix of people, saw some of the older crew that I remember from back in the day of Lizzie’s. Good beer selection. Music was good when we first got there, but then the ipod-pusher seemed to think things needed stirring up and got a disjointed mix going. Reminded me of the drivers during rush hour that always seem to think they can weave through traffic and somehow get there faster. Dude, pick a lane. Stay with it. And you might consider a haircut.

  • Chris
    08/07 04:37 AM

    I worked at Alibi for 2 years until the day it closed. Can’t wait to check out the renovations. Glad to see that the new owners are keeping Chico around as he was always a great DJ. Maybe someday I’ll get to talk to the owner about being able to come back.

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