Know the Address? Win this photo.

March, 11, 2009, by Ladye Jane

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The Academy of Music was one of A.G. Bauer’s finest buildings in Raleigh. First person to post the name of the street it was on wins a free 8x10 print of the photograph.

Image courtesy of Raleigh City Museum

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  • Robert Bohinski
    03/11 02:28 PM

    This is the location of the old Raleigh S&L building that is currently slated for demolition.

    The Garland Jones building -

    The address is on northwest corner of Hargett and McDowell streets

  • Bill
    03/11 02:40 PM

    I would have guessed Blount Street, one block North of LUMP Gallery.  I believe it is a Masonic Lodge currently.

  • anna
    03/11 02:41 PM

    Blount Street

  • Shelby Lyn Spillers
    03/11 02:49 PM

    The Corner of Martin and Salisbury.

  • Nate
    03/11 02:49 PM

    The Academy of Music was located on the corner of Polk and East street.

  • marshall
    03/11 03:00 PM

    309 Fayetteville St

  • jenny
    03/11 03:52 PM

    The Garland Jones building isn’t on Hargett and McDowell…

  • Al
    03/11 05:12 PM

    City Market. The old Greenshields building.

  • Matt
    03/11 05:36 PM

    North St.

  • Matt
    03/11 05:38 PM

    Harrington St.

  • smitty
    03/11 05:41 PM

    Southwest corner of W Martin St and S Salisbury St.

  • WiseOne
    03/11 05:55 PM

    Hillsborough And Boylan

  • Matt Frye
    03/11 11:20 PM

    Well, Wright’s Cafe was at the corner of Martin at Salisbury (300, I think), so that would put the Academy at 302 Salisbury.

  • Vicky
    03/11 11:40 PM

    301 Martin St…?

  • Matt
    03/12 10:23 AM

    Fayetteville St.

  • Ladye Jane
    03/12 10:33 AM

    Shelby Lyn wins…since technically I said the first person to post the name of the right street. Robert was right that it’s where the Garland Jones building is now, but, GJ on the corner of Salisbury and Martin. Matt Frye is right about the actual street number.

  • WiseOne
    03/14 12:51 PM

    Now that was fun! Thanks LJ.

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