Know The Answer? Win This Poster.

Know The Answer? Win This Poster.

May, 21, 2010, by Ladye Jane

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A.G. Bauer is one of Raleigh’s most influential architects of the late 1800s. Almost as famous as his architecture is the tragic love story with his wife, Rachel.

What was Rachel’s Cherokee name?

First person to comment the correct answer to the question wins a mounted poster of his Baptist Female University building, one of his crowning architectural achievements.

You can’t win if you’ve won one of these contests before.

Poster courtesy of Raleigh City Museum

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  • John
    05/21 12:39 PM


  • Manuel Monserrate
    05/21 12:39 PM

    Rachel Blythe?

  • Caitlin Russell
    05/21 12:42 PM

    Rachel Blythe!

  • arthurb3
    05/21 12:47 PM

    Rachel Blythe is correct.

  • Ladye Jane
    05/21 12:54 PM

    No, it’s not correct. Looking for her Indian name, not her last name.

  • RevTLove
    05/21 01:09 PM


  • Alton
    05/21 01:15 PM

    Bloomsbury looked really nice back then.  Still units available!

  • HeffRaleigh
    05/21 02:24 PM

    Owenah is her daughter’s name.

  • Phil
    05/21 02:45 PM

    I still can’t believe they tore that building down and replaced it with a parking lot.

  • Greg
    05/21 03:04 PM


  • neal
    05/21 04:09 PM


  • neal
    05/21 04:10 PM


  • neal
    05/21 04:13 PM


  • RB
    05/21 05:09 PM


  • Greg
    05/21 05:46 PM


  • Greg
    05/21 05:53 PM


  • John
    05/21 06:11 PM

    kwat da

  • John
    05/21 06:12 PM


  • Raleigh Boy
    05/21 06:38 PM

    I know what Rachel Blythe’s tribal name was (and what the word means in English too). I can’t win the poster because I won one of these contests a year or so ago, but can I still provide the correct answer?

  • Krutin
    05/21 06:55 PM


  • roi
    05/21 07:05 PM

    Ladye Jane, I don’t know the name of the women, but where was this building located?  On the corner of Blount and Edenton streets or the corner of Blount and Jones.  Was it still there around 1960?

  • Ladye Jane
    05/21 07:08 PM

    I’m sure your guess is right Raleigh Boy, but let someone else get it.

  • Ladye Jane
    05/21 07:12 PM

    Roi- The building was on the corner of Blount and Edenton and was demolished in 1967.

  • Krutin
    05/21 07:21 PM

    Che-ne-lern- ka

  • Krutin
    05/21 07:22 PM


  • Micah
    05/21 11:11 PM

    That building sat nearly in the middle of the entire block bounded by Jones, Edenton, Person and Blount, not really on the corner.

  • Raleigh Boy
    05/22 12:33 AM

    yes ... nearly in the middle ... Micah you know your maps man.

  • Roy
    05/22 02:35 PM

    Bloodthirsty savage?  That’s what everybody called Cherokees back then.

  • Henry
    05/23 09:39 PM


  • Henry
    05/23 09:41 PM

    Regardless of the answer this is an outstanding question! good work Ladye Jane

  • BP
    05/24 01:36 AM


  • Todd
    05/24 11:04 AM

    Great contest, and a real thought-provoker!  I wish I had time to go to the library and do some research, but for now here’s a guess.

    A-gi-si U-no-de-na or just U-no-de-na?

    It’s the Cherokee word for “ewe” or “sheep,” which is what Rachel means in Hebrew.

  • Ladye Jane
    05/24 04:05 PM

    Nobody has gotten it yet, I’ll give a (really big) hint.

    Her tribal name is a variation of the Cherokee word for “white”, which is ironic considering that she and her marriage were persecuted in Raleigh due to the fact she wasn’t white.

    Spelling counts on this since it’s a variation of the word.

  • BP
    05/24 04:14 PM


  • BP
    05/24 05:05 PM


  • Hilary
    05/24 05:07 PM


  • BP
    05/24 05:07 PM

    yonega?  lol I’m trying… I should know this one.

  • carrboro ninja
    05/24 05:10 PM

    A million different google searches have returned nothing but stories of heart break for these two. Bauer was found with a revolver in one hand and a picture of Rachel in the other. Are you kidding me? I thought that only happened in Hollywood.

    I can’t find a single reference to Rachel’s Cherokee name but based on Lady Jane’s hint I am going to guess Unaka.

  • Ladye Jane
    05/24 05:17 PM

    YES! Yay carrboro ninja, you win!

    I know, their story is crazy and super heartbreaking. If you are interested in learning more about them. I suggest reading “The Indian ‘Princess’ and the Architect: Origin of a North Carolina Legend” by Carmine Andrew Prioli.

  • carrboro ninja
    05/24 05:21 PM

    SCREAM!!!  !!!!!!!!

  • sally
    05/24 05:47 PM

    That was fun!

  • DPK
    05/24 08:35 PM

    Haha, awesome.  Best “know the answer” ever on here.  :D

  • ncmyk
    05/24 09:21 PM

    BOO!  Wake County library doesn’t have that book Ladye Jane!

  • Raleigh Boy
    05/25 12:50 AM

    ncmyk—the article on Rachel ‘Unaka’ Blythe Ladye Jane is referring to was published in the North Carolina Historical Review in July 1983 (vol.60, no. 3. pp. 283-303). It’s a good read—I highly recommend it. Also in the same issue is an excellent article by Wm. Bushong on A.G. Bauer himself. I’m sure the Wake Co. Library has these on the shelf; you can also find the Review in the state libray downtown or D.H. Hill at NC State. btw—the architect and his Indian Princess are buried side-by-side in Oakwood Cemetery.

  • Ladye Jane
    05/25 11:46 AM

    I have a few copies of the article, would be more than happy to give you one to read.

  • Joy
    07/17 07:29 AM

    Now where are their descendants???

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