Kudzu Jesus Spotted in Downtown Raleigh

Kudzu Jesus Spotted in Downtown Raleigh

The Holy Vine

August, 06, 2009, by Jedidiah

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photos by John Morris

From the Angry Man, the Barrel Monster, and the Sewer Monster, Raleigh has had it’s fair share of freaks of nature and/or art. This time it comes in the form of pareidolia (psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant). The random stimuli in this case is kudzu in the shape of Mr. Jesus overlooking the train tracks and the downtown Raleigh skyline.

John Morris over at Goodnight Raleigh has the full scoop on the way, the truth and the plant life.

Tis not exactly Christ the Redeemer, but we’ll settle for Christ the Trainspotter.

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  • John
    08/06 09:56 PM

    Why does anything and everything that even resembles a human form end up being called “Jesus”?  Why isn’t anyone saying that the Kudzu looks like a ghost?  Why isn’t anyone saying that it looks like an eagle? 
    I am really getting tired of people saying that they are seeing Jesus in toast, Cheetos, bark, etc.  It’s Kudzu people!  It grows along anything that gives it a path.

  • Jerimee
    08/07 12:16 AM

    looks an awful lot like Jesus to me

    though it also kinda looks like a Harry Potter Dementor thing too

    but I’d rather have Jesus watching over the trains that pass through Raleigh

  • Rusty
    08/07 02:34 AM

    It’s waiting for the Hogwart’s Express to pass…

  • 150
    08/07 05:43 AM

    As much as I agree with John, I have to say this is about a jillion times cooler than that stupid Barrel Monster.

  • tito
    08/07 06:09 AM

    i second what 150 said.

  • Dwight
    08/07 06:16 AM

    Definitely a Dementor…

  • arthurb3
    08/07 06:47 AM

    Ya’ll sure is funny.

  • Carl
    08/07 07:15 AM

    I third what 150 said.


  • Andrew B
    08/07 07:58 AM

    via email: someone needs to get some of those centennial campus kudzu-eating goats over there stat.

  • Megan
    08/07 08:08 AM

    This is priceless.  John, honey, you’re taking this (and quite likely, yourself) WAY too seriously ;)

  • jdawg
    08/07 09:03 AM

    I love Kudzu Jesus!  Talk about a Pagan conundrum (sp?).  Do I worship the plant?  Do I worship the diety.  Do I worship the plant and the diety?  I’m soooo confused!  I’m with Megan.  Lighten up John, its all for fun!

  • Tony
    08/07 09:20 AM

    I do not agree with 150.  Too much hype is causing the backlash on the blogs.  But the hype was created by the blogs.  Just appreciate it for what it was and move on.  No need to be ugly about it.

  • RaleighMAC
    08/07 10:02 AM

    I saw this before, and it just looked like a simply cross to me. But I guess it’s grown a lot, because that’s Jesus if I ever saw him! I like that he’s looking over the Shimmer Wall in the night shot… :)

  • David
    08/07 10:39 AM

    Poor Jesus. Guy hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep in 2000 years and now he’s got to pull a double shift at the edge of a scrub lot. No respect.

  • Aaron
    08/07 01:21 PM


  • sizzles
    08/07 02:23 PM

    My personal favorite was the dog but Jesus found a while back. People see what they want to in anything.


  • Bob
    08/07 02:33 PM

    “I don’t care if it rains and freezes long as I got my kudzu Jesus looking after my old railroad car.”

  • Raleigh Boy
    08/07 08:47 PM

    Jen—This one looks more like an image of Our Blessed Mother—aka Mater Dei. I’ve often sensed that the ‘wye’ was a sacred place.

  • Raleigh Boy
    08/07 09:03 PM

    Jen—Your ‘this one,’ that is—Mater divinae gratiae http://www.flickr.com/photos/32281369@N05/3798112040/in/set-72157621846286397/

  • Eric
    08/08 06:59 AM

    Oh jesus christ

  • Sara
    08/08 10:45 PM

    I knew I moved to Raleigh for a reason.  Hmm.

  • Cliff
    08/09 04:00 PM

    The barrel monster was SO much cooler…

  • William
    08/12 06:27 AM

    looks stupid. Get a life people. Not every weird looking thing looks like jesus. You are just seeing what you want to see

  • Brittney
    08/12 06:33 PM

    I think this is kind of cool. Now if someone were to cut off the kudzu, claim it as “holy” and sell it on ebay, that would be just sick. God is bigger than all this!

  • Barrel Monster
    08/14 08:30 AM

    WHAT !??!?!
    I just got back from Burning Man.
    What’s this Kudzu Jesus hype ?!?!?!
    I’m the only REAL outsider art in this town.
    Notice how my reflective rings resemble a multitude of white belts ?
    Didn’t you see my chalk drawings down at the bus station last first friday !!!

  • Pancake Especially
    08/15 11:22 AM

    Christians are so gullible. In a few weeks it’ll look like Pat Farley.

    Virgin birth…hahahaha

  • 150
    08/19 09:30 AM

    Way to go, David, you’re post was quoted in the N+O today.

  • CR
    08/19 01:16 PM

    He turned water into vine.

  • Walt
    08/21 09:55 AM

    Could be a crack head, got a hold of the wrong mur.

  • John
    08/22 05:56 AM

    From the Freezer Jesus files.

    Love from Paula in Southport, NC

  • Justin
    09/01 11:53 AM

    Pancake Especially,

    Obviously, you have never read nor studied the Living Word of God. If so, you would would look at this much differently. It has changed my life. There is no doubt about it. I’m not perfect actually very far from it, but I do have a Savior that forgives me of my sins and His name is Jesus Christ. I beleive with all my heart that He was born of a virgin.

    I hope and pray that you will come to know Him one day. If I can help please let me know. I will be glad to share the grace giving, but just God.

  • Elvin
    02/14 01:26 AM

    It has been found that extract of the roots from the kudzu creeper had a potential to curtail unfavourable signs of metabolic syndrome. It has been experimented on rats and no side-effects has been found. But since it still not been experimented on humans, scientists have not yet recommended it for people. http://www.inspiringmothers.net/pregnancy-health/sex-during-pregnancy.html

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