Legos at the State Fair

Legos at the State Fair

September, 02, 2009, by David

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The Deep Fried Blog says that the Lego Experience Tour will be making a stop at the State Fair this Year.  Considering the buzz for the Lego store opening - we imagine this is even a little more exciting.  With timed building challenges and a construction area with access to thousands of pieces- it may be the only stop you make it to during your fair visit. 

  • Mash-Up Centerpiece: a celebration of the creative minds of children, LEGO Master Builders drew inspiration from every LEGO theme and play set available today to create a stunning centerpiece landscape of a LEGO CITY full of hidden surprises, humorous moments, creative models and building ideas to showcase how, in a child’s mind, nothing is impossible.
  • Family Building Challenge: every member of the family is invited to step up to the podium and go head-to-head with other families in fun games and timed building challenges that get everyone in on the LEGO fun.
  • Construction Zone: families are invited to get hands-on, minds-on with the LEGO brand by exploring their imaginations and challenging their inner builders to create custom models to add to a LEGO Cityscape.
  • Discovery Zone: families step into a showcase of the best of the rest of what the LEGO brand has to offer. Interactive game stations let families plug into blockbuster LEGO video games. They can take in fan-generated LEGO movies, explore the rich online activities at or sign up to become members of the LEGO Club.

Lego Experience Blog

We didn’t even know the fair hosts a youth Lego competition either.  Its as if they knew what we, Lego heads, wanted before we asked.  Deep Fried Blog on Lego Tour

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  • BG
    09/02 08:29 AM

    Legos once visited Crabtree and the entire mall was filled with Lego sculptures. As a kid it was the grandest thing that could happen! At 35 I might have to break em out and start building again!

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