Listen to New Love Language Track Christmas in Toyland

Listen to New Love Language Track Christmas in Toyland

December, 23, 2011, by Jedidiah

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In what we will consider a Love Language/New Raleigh Christmas tradition, we've been sent over a new holiday tune by the band's headmaster Stuart McLamb. Last year (almost to the day), the band sent over an excellent Christmas track, Gsus. 

Tonight (Christmas Eve Eve), as we were listening to WKNC's Local Beat Christmas show, an email from Stu popped into my inbox stating that the song was written a few weeks ago and that he's "regularly tardy, but this is pushing it", referring to the fact that Christmas is literally around the corner. Regardless of the timing, Christmas in Toyland, is a lovely swaying tune that is a golden addition to your Christmas playlist. The band is currently working on a new album, the follow up to their excellent sophomore album Libraries, which will likely be released in early Summer.

this was written a few weeks back but i ultimately decided to wait until next year to officially release it so we could re-track with lightening bots, reindeer, angel choirs etc... this one's a little rough (i.e. drum fill in the outro:) but what the hell. I'm regularly tardy but this is pushing it. hope y'all have enough time to share it w/ some peeps the next few days. thanks and happy holidays!

Download or stream Christmas in Toyland by The Love Language below. Oh, and what about that new Love Language photo above? I think BJ and Stu have outdone the Grohg photoshoot easily with this one.

Christmas in Toyland

Download Christmas in Toyland

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