Live Oak Rentals Misrepresents Former Wilmont Residents

Live Oak Rentals Misrepresents Former Wilmont Residents

December, 09, 2009, by Tim

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Back in August, Raleigh Gawker noted the the $1.65 million transfer of the Wilmont from David House to Wilmont Apartments LLC with an additional $550,000 pumped into the LLC via a deed of trust. RG went on to suggest that:

Wilmont LLC is going to need one hell of an ad campaign to get back that $2+ million investment. Might I suggest pointing out the “charm” of the abandoned buildings nearby to augment the building’s historic status?

Unfortunately, it seems that the sarcasm of the remark fell on deaf ears.

A new article notes that the new property management is actually lifting quotes from former residents that led the Save the Wilmont campaign in the face of eviction. Live Oak Rentals, LLC distorted comments from both Goodnight, Raleigh! and to prove how “The allure of this beloved building is known to many of Raleigh’s residents.”

Miles Holst had the following quote from Goodnight, Raleigh! lifted by Live Oak Rentals, LLC: “It is truly a fascinating place and the communal vibe is something you rarely see with other apartments.”

New Raleigh caught up with Holst, who offered the following comment on the situation:

The Wilmont is a stellar building, but it was so much more than just that… It was home to generations of artists, students, musicians, designers, writers, and a never ending cast of colorful characters. It had a communal vibe because that’s how we all survived/thrived. Collaborating on projects, throwing pot-lucks, house shows, dance parties, movie nights and parking lot events. Sharing dumpstered food, borrowing space heaters, art supplies and audio cables was an everyday occurrence. Living there was hands-down three of the best years of my life.

Although Live Oak Rentals, LLC noted the copyright, they also proceeded to use Luke Miller Buchanan’s artwork, shown above, without permission. Buchanan, Holst, and Goodnight, Raleigh! have all contacted Live Oak Rentals and requested their content be removed.

Now the question remains, will the new Wilmont fly? Renovations and a huge rent hike do not change the fact that the Wilmont is flanked by underdeveloped and industrial properties. Romanticize the past all you want, but will potential new tenants see the charm?

Update: Live Oak Rentals, LLC has now taken down all of the disputed quotes and images.

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  • Todd Morman
    12/09 10:37 PM

    Jesus, they actually used Luke’s art without permission in their advertising materials? That’s astonishing. Does anything say “amateur” more clearly than that?

  • Drew B
    12/10 02:06 AM

    The quotes may or may not be okay from a legal standpoint (although certainly not a good idea), but I’m fairly certain using the paintings violates copyright(which they admit knowing about via the copyright dates). More to the point, are people really going to pay for this? It’s more than my mortgage and not in a better location (regarding downtown, it IS closer to ncsu).

  • T-Plain
    12/10 11:53 AM

    Kind of disingenuous to use comments about the pre-yuppied version to describe the current version.

  • RaleighRob
    12/10 03:57 PM

    I’m glad they were renovated and saved.  But those rates are ridiculous.

  • orulz
    12/10 04:31 PM

    I don’t particularly care if they can rent it at those rates. They fixed the building up so now it will continue to stand. If they can’t rent it, they’ll drop the rates and then it will rent.

    But hey, it actually does does have at least one pretty awesome amenity (in my book anyway…) it’s across the street from Sub Conscious.

    Mmm, Sub Conscious.

  • smitty
    12/10 05:16 PM

    Is there such a thing as hippie gentrification?

  • Todd Morman
    12/10 07:21 PM

    If there is, it doesn’t come close to describing what’s happening here.

  • Miles
    12/10 10:11 PM

    I have just been notified that my quote along with Luke Miller Buchanan’s artwork have been removed from the site.

  • richardfoc
    12/11 02:19 PM

    I lived in the Wilmont back in the early 90s. It was a great time but there were roaches the size of gophers in that place. If Live Oak Rentals is still looking for quotes they can have that one.

  • roulette pengar
    12/27 04:55 PM

    Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  • Alena
    01/08 12:57 AM

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  • Mark
    04/03 07:00 PM

    You know what….who gives a fu*k? The city was going to tear the place down. My old “best three years of my life” spot was Whitaker Park Apartments. I would gladly have lent some art or a quote to keep those standing…they were town down for expensive mcmansions.
    Tim, I’m not really sure what your point is, other than I get that its harder and harder for service industry folks and musicians to find a place to live inside the beltline. Maybe people who make pizzas should learn to wire and plumb shit, so they can rehab the crumbling hulks they live in before they are condemned.  Capitalism sucks sometimes…maybe its time to start co-oping some shot-gun homes around a community garden and everyone take turns working on their neighbors various projects to keep costs down.

  • roulette trick
    12/29 12:35 PM

    In der Tat ein guter Post. Ich s?llte mehr lesen :-)

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