Local Beverages on WUNC’s State of Things

Think Globally, Sip Locally.

March, 19, 2009, by Jedidiah

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All the talk about local beers and cask nights and bars having only NC beverages seems to have leaked into the radio air waves. WUNC’s The State of Things had a great segment this week about North Carolina beverages.

Think Globally, Sip Locally. Take a listen for yourself.

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The Triangle’s robust eat-local scene with its markets, grocers and farm-to-table restaurants means thoughtful consumers can know where their food is coming from. But what about their drinks? Is it possible to “sip local” when you’re enjoying coffee, wine, tea or beer? Host Frank Stasio talks to Lex Alexander, founder of Wellspring Grocery and owner of 3Cups, about the past and future of the local-food movement in the Triangle. We’ll also meet Dorian Bolden, a young, Durham-based coffee shop entrepreneur; Margo Knight-Metzger, head of the N.C. Wine and Grape Council; and Sean Wilson, a North Carolina brewer who successfully led the Pop the Cap movement to loosen state laws regulating beer.

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