Locopops Opens its Raleigh Store

February, 23, 2008, by Jedidiah

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We recently reported on the signs that popped up at 1908 Hillsborough Street advertising the opening of the beloved Durham staple Locopops.  Without an opening date posted on the window, it was anyone’s guess when the company would open their doors.  But, just in time for a warm sunny February Saturday, the wait is now over.  Locopops opened its doors on Friday and I popped in today to check out the selection and space. 

Similar to their Durham store, Locopops has about as minimal of an upfit that a store could have.  New hardwood floors, a bit of new paint and a couple of floor freezers is about the only things the company added to the space.  One employee stands behind the two freezers and a cash register handing out Locopopsicles at only $2.00 each, a tasty deal.  One freezer holds creme based pops and the other holds fruit based ones.  There are over 20 different flavors and they come in one size, which is a perfect serving.  Behind the counter on the back wall is a large white erase board with all the flavors listed, again broken into two categories, creme and fruit.  Locopops are also selling t-shirts for $15 with their fantastic and definitive slogan “Think Global, Act Loco”.  Various art by children adorns the main walls and there are a couple of benches for relaxing and chilling out with a popsicle.  There were a few college students and a couple of families in the store when I got there, all standing back and admiring the variety of flavors. 

This space will probably act as mostly a hub, as Locopops is known to take their carts out into the city and distribute to the masses.  Hot dog vendors on Glenwood avenue beware!  I ate the Strawberry 5 Spice pop on my way home and it was fabulous.  A great combination of fruit and kick.  I don’t think I can compare it to any other taste I have had except another Locopop from the past.  White Chocolate Tangerine is waiting patiently in the freezer and with a name like that, it is sure to be as flavorful as the Strawberry 5 Spice. 

Locopops stays away from being pretentious, from their packaging to their logo and the up-fit of the storefront space.  Family friendly as well as hip.  In their case, Less IS More.

Here’s to acting loco all summer long!

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  • Jason!
    02/23 08:30 PM

    I can’t even begin to relate how awesome locopops are.  I have gotten dry ice at Capital Ice in order to take a batch of pops to the beach.  That’s how awesome they are.

    Now that they’re in Raleigh, I will proceed to gain weight.

  • RaleighRob
    02/23 08:39 PM

    I gotta give them credit for trying to help bring new & interesting business to Hillsborough Street!  Fortunately, they picked a spot with pretty good parking access (the NCSU lot behind the building is completely free nights & weekends, plus a customer lot across Oberlin).  As an NCSU alum, I thank them for contributing to the neighborhood and hope they do well there.

    I will certainly try them out as soon as possible!

  • John
    02/23 09:09 PM

    Finally! A mobile treat wagon for the vegetarians in the city! I take back everything I said last article about Raleigh not being as good as Chapel Hill for non-meat options.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    02/24 02:49 AM

    Where is 1908 HSt. in relation to everything else just so I can picture this location… what’s it between?

  • RaleighRob
    02/24 04:48 PM

    ^^ Same building as Red Hot & Blue (formerly Darryls). 
    They’re in the spot that Weatherman Jewelry was.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    02/24 04:57 PM

    Duhhhh Lisa… thanks for the reminder guys :-)

  • Mr. Prueny
    02/26 09:40 PM

    Doggies Too!

    Don’t Forget, Locopops also makes pops-for-pups.  Chicken and Beef Broth freze-cast arouind a rawhide stick.  Great on hot summer walks (for all parties, although I prefer the rosemary-chocolate flavor)

    Warning… due to their lack of opposing digits, our friends will eat these yummies on the seat of your car, or on your lap.  Nothing like the lingering scent of bouillon. 

    Great for ho

  • Lisa Jeffries
    02/26 09:55 PM

    Pops for pups, too?! We’re sold!!

    (“Woof” adds Tank and Delta)

  • salley
    02/27 02:46 PM

    anybody know their hours?

  • Jedidiah
    02/27 02:51 PM

    Sorry, thought I put that in the article.  Like all their stores, they are open daily 12-6.

  • salley
    02/27 09:27 PM

    thanks jedidiah!

  • hobargf
    02/27 10:07 PM

    12-6pm during winter, then in a week and a half later summer hours, 12-9pm. Tip me, I work there.

  • Jedidiah
    03/04 03:29 PM

    This past weekend I tried:

    Mango Chile
    Lychee Pear
    Chocolate Brownie
    Blackcurrant Truffle

    all were way above par, with Blackcurrant and Mango Chile being the best….

  • RaleighRob
    03/10 01:30 AM

    ^^ If business is good, hope they’ll consider a tad later on weekends.  I bet they’d get good business as a cheap dessert location.

    Went Saturday…tried a Pomegranate Tangerine.  Very tasty!

  • Lisa Jeffries
    03/29 05:30 PM

    The creamy lime was delish, my second choice a few days later Pom Tangerine was also good, and my boyfriend had cookies and cream which actually had real Oreo’s in them… yum :-)

  • Amy Williams
    09/30 06:26 PM

    You all are missing out! Mighty Mojito is the way to go! So minty and lime-y yummm!

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