Mayor Meeker’s House Catches Fire

August, 31, 2009, by Jedidiah

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Mayor Meeker’s House in Boylan Heights caught on fire late on Monday evening. The News and Observer is reporting that it was an electical fire that “damaged a storage room and filled Mayor Charles Meeker’s home with smoke tonight.”

“We were eating dinner and had a couple of big power surges,” Meeker said. “An electrical fire started in the front storage room and the house filled up with smoke, so we got out. It burned very brightly for a few minutes.”

Except for smoke, most of the damage was confined to the house’s first floor, the mayor said.

“It was my ‘special-things room,’” said Meeker’s wife, Anne McLaurin. “Things from the last 30 years that I’d meant to go through. But this is exciting! Look at all our neighbors out here.”

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