Morning Times in the Evening Time

October, 28, 2008, by Acree

Morning Times in the Evening Time
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Starting Saturday, November 8th, Morning Times will keep its doors open and its coffee brewing until 10:00 p.m. every night of the week.

This comes as a welcome relief to evening coffee drinkers. In August, The Third Place, Lilly’s Pizza’s grungy-yet-cozy alterna-fave cafe counterpart and next-door neighbor, scaled back its hours from midnight to 7:00, leaving a mug-shaped hole in the hearts of all of us who counted on a spacious patio or tattered booth to accommodate our evening studying and last-minute rendezvous.

After First Friday, we’ll be able to unwind with a latte and free wireless at a more central alternative to Hillsborough Street’s Cup A Joe, open till 10:30, and Glenwood South’s Helios, open till 10:00 Sun-Tue and 12:00 Wed-Sat.

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  • MMI
    10/28 06:43 PM

    Don’t forget Global Village (also on Hillsborough, albeit closer to this area and more hygiene friendly than CupAJoe).  Aside from being my **favorite** coffee shop, they have now returned to evening hours, staying open until 10pm.

  • arthurb3
    10/28 07:04 PM

    Global Village seems to close at any whim! COJ has always been a fav for over 10 years! Nice to see MT will be open for after dinner coffee!!

  • MMI
    10/28 07:22 PM

    Yeah, they tend to change the hours based on what’s going on at State (e.g., Fall Break saw shorter hours).  That’s a sad fact of doing business across from campus, I guess.  The 10pm closing was something they had years ago and just recently brought back.

    I have never had anything from Morning Times, mostly because I never seem to be over there early.  I’m going to look forward to a cup after a plate of BBQ pork nachos, though!

    As for COJ, you’re on your own.  Bleah.  i take my coffee sans B.O.

  • Caitlin Cary
    10/28 08:44 PM

    Oh, this is such good news for the bartenders of downtown!  Hooray!

  • RaleighRob
    10/28 08:49 PM

    Well this is good news.  One thing I liked about Third Place was they had great breakfast and lunch items, plus desserts for evenings.  Morning Times has the great breakfast and lunch items at least…I hope they had some cakes and such for these new evening opening hours.

  • hackles10
    10/29 12:09 PM

    Where are you getting the BBQ pork nachos MMI?

  • MMI
    10/29 07:45 PM

    Raleigh Times—right next door!  Great…now I’m craving them, plus a cold Gaffel.

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