Mystery Magnet Maze Magic at Kings, July 12th!

Mystery Magnet Maze Magic at Kings, July 12th!

July, 10, 2011, by Vince

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Mystery Build presents - Mystery Magnet Maze Magic! on July 12th, 2011 at Kings Barcade. Registration for the contest begins at 8:00 p.m. and the competition starts at 9:00. Get your team of 4 together and compete for free to win big cash prizes.  The Grand Prize is $500, with a second prize of $250, and a third prize of $100.

This event will be filmed.  The footage will be televised for the Mystery Build show that will be airing on CW22 in the coming weeks.  The Milt Bobbleworthy Show premieres Saturday July 30th at 2am.  Why 2am?  One wonders what exactly will be shown on TV.  Well, at least there is DVR.  The weekly late night variety show takes you into the mind of Milton, a technical support operator for a tube television manufacturer, who lives out his fantasies of being a talk show host, rock star, and game show host in his dreams.

On Tuesday night, Milt Bobbleworthy will guide you through a night of ingenious puzzle creating and solving.  Perhaps you can take a crack at the The Colossal Labyrinth of Doom, a 4 foot x 4 foot tilting maze challenge.  Many have already tried.  Only a few have been successful.  Take your chance Tuesday night.

Here's what you need to know:  The Mystery Magnet Maze Magic will consists of 5 Rounds. Each Round has two stages - a Building Stage and a Racing Stage. In the Building Stage each team uses a set of magnetic wooden pieces and a maze platform to design and construct a maze. In the Racing Stage teams compete to see which maze takes the longest to solve. The winning teams in each Round will move on to compete for the Grand Prize.  As the night goes on, things might get a little surreal.

You still have a chance to enter Mystery Builds first contest.  Entries are due by July 31st!  More details at their site.

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