More Information on Natty Greene’s Upcoming Opening

More Information on Natty Greene’s Upcoming Opening

December, 14, 2009, by Jedidiah

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We reported last week that Natty Greene’s Pub and Brewing in the Glenwood South District will finally open its doors in January of 2010. We promised more information on the new brewpub and below are answers to a few questions about the upcoming opening.

What is the official opening date of Natty Greene’s Raleigh?

TBD (our official position remains early- to mid-January)

Will the brewery have the same beers on tap as the Greensboro location?

We will open with 8-12 of our own handcrafted beers on tap (we will serve only our beers as well - no other taps, no other bottles). These will include our core beers, which are available year-round, including Guilford Golden Ale, Buckshot Amber Ale, Southern Pale Ale, Old Town Brown, Wildflower Witiber and General Stout. We will have between 2-6 seasonals available from opening day and those are still TBD.

Reminder about the job hiring happening all this week, 10am-3pm (through Thursday). You can fill out the application and conduct interview on-site at 505 W. Jones St. Hiring for waitstaff, bartenders, kitchen, hostesses and security positions.

What are the hours of the new brewery?

Hours for the new location are still being negotiated. Our Greensboro Pub hours are a good barometer (but Raleigh may differ slightly when we officially open). Greensboro Pub is open for lunch/dinner Monday-Saturday 11am-11pm every day. The bar is open daily from 11am-2am (although technically Sunday drinks can’t be served until noon). Additionally, we offer a Late Night Menu from 11pm-1am that is mostly our appetizer items Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Can you speak a little to what led Natty Greene’s to open your second location in Raleigh and/or how you guys are feeling about opening this location?

Raleigh was a natural next selection for us in our expansion across North Carolina in our goal of becoming “The North Carolina Craft Beer”. When the Powerhouse Square building came available, we knew the stars had lined up and it confirmed our desire to branch out from the Triad. Those who remember the atmosphere created by the former tenant (Prime Only) should welcome our transformation inside the building – highlighted by us letting some light shine in through those great big windows!

Our approach is a neighborhood, English-style pub (think lots of wood, old-style fixtures, lots of locals stopping in regularly) with the physical addition of a “restaurant side” to keep the revelers from the diners and vice-versa (the same food will be available on the pub side, though, we’re not going to leave anyone hungry!). Yes, you’ll be able to watch us brew our beers (full-time, on-site brewer) which will take place right in the middle of the facility (the area separating the restaurant and the pubs). Basically, you can come and eat (as a family, as a couple, with friends), you can come and hang out, you can come and party, you can come and just sit and have a beer (a handcrafted, fresh-brewed premium beer at that). We’ll have many large-screen TVs in the two pub areas, as well. We’re very multi-functional.

Anything else you would like to share with New Raleigh readers?

Raleigh is an exciting venture for us. The attraction of a much larger population base, a great facility in a perfect location and an ever-growing craft beer community in the area only add to our anticipation. Raleigh sells the most craft beer in the state, and without a large number of brewpubs brewing their own beer, we feel we can fill an existing need. We’re eager to bring our product into a new environment and expect to see nothing but the same success we’ve had in the Triad since 2004.

We have a totally revamped website that will launch in early to mid-January. It will provide specific information about all our beers, each of our pubs (including showing what’s currently available at each pub) and much more. Our current one is NOT a good resource for info as it has not been updated in years.

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