NC State Hikes Tuition by 6.2% for 2011

November, 22, 2010, by Jedidiah

NC State Hikes Tuition by 6.2% for 2011
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Considering all of the cutbacks in the past few years of the recession, university fundings have been one of the hardest hits across the board. Trustees at North Carolina State University approved a 6.2% increase in tuition rates last week to help cover a 15 percent reduction in state funding to the university.

The maximum allowed in the UNC system is 6.5%. The Charlotte Observer reports that more cutbacks in future years could (but hopefully unlikely) lead to the closing of entire campuses around the state. Ouch!

Tuition would rise $600 for graduate students and out-of-state undergraduates, and even more for students in a handful of “premium” graduate programs such as the MBA program.

Also, the trustees approved student fee increases totaling about $97 a year.

A drop in state funding next year would come on the heels of several years of annual cuts. UNC system President Erskine Bowles warned this month that if the rounds of cutting continue, the system may have to close entire campuses.


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  • Charlie
    11/30 06:28 PM

    Just a little info about the rise in student fees: There was a referendum that students could vote on online that was not advertised very well. 140-some students voted and the majority vote was “No”. Our student government decided that 140 votes wasn’t enough to make a significant decision and decided to vote on it themselves, apparently thinking that their significantly less amount of votes was adequate. Hoping to get a letter of recommendation from one of the Board members, perhaps, the majority of their votes were “yes”, leading the Board of Trustees to think that students did want a fee increase, when in fact, they didn’t.

  • Charlie
    11/30 06:30 PM

    I also find it interesting that the University is building a brand new multi-million dollar chancellor’s residence in such a time of financial struggle

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