NCSU Alum Robert Gibbs Named White House Press Secretary

November, 24, 2008, by Tim

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Following wide-spread speculation, Robert Gibbs was officially named the new White House Press Secretary on November 22nd. Gibbs earned a degree in political science from North Carolina State University, where he also played goalkeeper for the university’s soccer team from 1990-92. The move comes as no surprise. Gibbs has been working for Obama since the 2004 Senate campaign, traveling by his side as communications director and later as a senior strategist.

Here is a brief on the appointment from the AP, which ironically has Bill Ayers as the video still:

By and far the most memorable moment of Robert Gibbs in action was his assertion that Sean Hannity was anti-semitic. Gibbs used the tongue-in-cheek assertion to counter Hannity’s guilt-by-association reasoning that Obama had associations with terrorists because he served on a charitable board with Bill Ayers.

Gibbs also set the record straight, through traditional talking points, about the relationship between Ayers and Obama on Fox & Friends. Though less entertaining than the Hannity exchange, it helps to highlight the breadth of hard-lined communication skills that led Gibbs to his new appointement.

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