Neomonde Lebanese Opening in North Raleigh

November, 11, 2011, by David

Neomonde Lebanese Opening in North Raleigh
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Photo John Borwick

Northern Six forks is quickly becoming a delicious place to eat.  Just 5 years ago, with a few notable exceptions, affordable restaurants that offered something beyond fast food were hard to find.  Now West Hillsborough Street's Neomonde is expanding North and adding a location in Harvest Plaza Shopping Center.   Harvest Plaza is most notable for lunch spot Salsa Fresh and the French inspired Poppy Seed Market. Neomonde will fit right in complementing the new Whole Foods a few blocks away and competing with Soloman's Mediterranean further south on Six Forks Road.  

When Neomonde opened in 1977 it was in the small shopping center off of Dixie Trail where Crowley's is currently located.  Since then, their expansion has been both consumer and commercial facing.  Their Morrisville location does commercial baking for businesses across the triangle,  even franchises like Jimmy John's.  Sitti, in partnership with Empire Eats, is their downtown Raleigh prescence offering a more formal experience.  

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  • @Magnus919
    11/11 03:55 PM

    Solomon’s won’t be any competition for Neomonde. I’ve tried eating there a couple of times and even though they sell the same type of cuisine, you only ever hear Spanish coming out of the kitchen, and the food that comes out reflects that policy of hiring unskilled kitchen staff.

    Neomonde will be very welcome in the neighborhood, as Whole Foods & Panera have been.

    Now we just need Cup-A-Joe up this way…

  • Ann
    11/11 03:59 PM

    I actually really love Solomon’s.  I get the same thing every time I go and it’s delicious.  And the owner is always there and making sure we’re happy even though we don’t know each other personally (same for Salsa Fresh, really).  That said, I love Neomonde and glad it’ll be another great place to eat and shop at in North Raleigh.

  • David Duke's Little Brother
    11/11 04:20 PM

    “you only ever hear Spanish coming out of the kitchen, and the food that comes out reflects that policy of hiring unskilled kitchen staff.”

    Obviously, no one that speaks spanish could have any skill.

  • ErnstStarvoBlofield
    11/12 10:45 AM

    I eat and visit Neomonde all the time and really like it.  I see a lot of college kids working there.  So according to Magnus, they must be “skilled kitchen staff”.  The schools around Hillsbourgh St must have proper “kitchen staff programs”.  Wow,  Just Wow.  Hasta luego !!

  • Betty
    11/12 10:49 AM

    The Morrisville location also has a restaurant!

  • RaleighRob
    11/12 11:08 AM

    Glad their company is so successful! 
    And while I love Sitti for fine dining, if Neomonde ever decides to open yet another yummy casual deli, I hope they consider Downtown.  Inexpensive tasty Mediterranean to-go would be nice to have there.

  • ncmyk
    11/12 12:44 PM

    their pistachio baklava is so good…

  • Betty D.
    11/12 07:26 PM

    I like Neomonde and Solomon’s. They are different and there is room for both. It will be interesting to see what the new location is like. Neomonde has had difficulty duplicating the quality of the original. The food at the Morrisville branch is simply not as good.

  • frank
    11/13 12:18 PM

    There’s also Aladdin’s Eatery located at the shopping center on the corner of Spring Forest and Falls of Neuse in the shopping center with Fresh Market. I’ve really enjoyed their lamb that comes with a mixture of “white rice with vermicelli, topped with sauteed pine nuts, almonds, and cinnamon.”

    So now North Raleigh area will have three choices for waiter service Arabic food.

  • francesco zappa
    11/14 08:39 AM

    The Solomon’s on Capital Blvd, the original location, is still the best. The chef there is a wizard.

    And, he doesn’t speak spanish, so you know it is good. Right, racist white guy?

    Neomond is great! I’m glad they are opening this location!

  • Kevin
    11/16 12:36 PM

    Someone get one of those Spanish speaking Lebanese guys to make me a shawarma burrito. Fuck yeah.

  • Carl
    11/16 05:20 PM

    Don’t worry , twenty minutes AFTER eating there, YOUR going to make a shawarma burrito. YEAAAAH !!!!

  • Carl
    11/16 05:20 PM

    Don’t worry , twenty minutes AFTER eating there, YOUR going to make a shawarma burrito. YEAAAAH !!!!

  • KP
    11/17 06:59 AM

    @Carl: LOL!!!

  • GoPack05
    11/17 03:06 PM

    I might like Neomonde if they would just attempt to have good service. Every time I have gone there, literally, my order has been messed up. Workers are rude an indifferent. They place is noisy. And, seeing as the service is always slow, my food has always come out cold. I think this place pretty much ruined middle eastern food for me. Will not be giving the new location a visit.

  • Panda Balls
    11/18 01:17 PM

    @Magnus919 - Where have you been? Spanish is common language in nearly every kitchen in America - including some of country’s top top spots. Nearly every line cook, runner, and dishwasher is from Mexico or Latin America (and an ever increasing number of sous and executive chefs).

  • Steadystate
    12/02 10:25 AM

    How enlightened and unenlightened of Magnus in the same comment; cultural refinement in the partaking of international cuisine while keeping with that country-mentality about them “Spanish-speakin’ folk.”  Because people who speak Spanish only know how to make them Mexican foods good, right?  Even if they’re not from Mexico…

  • lazytaper
    12/27 12:50 PM

    Steadystate - I’m sure the comment was partially in jest.  To me, you “country-mentality” rhetoric is just as bigoted.  It’s a sad state when you have to use guarded language to make a joke….

    Neomonde in North Raleigh-  my dreams came true.

  • Sandra
    04/18 08:38 PM

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