Neu Romance Sixth Anniversary

March, 13, 2009, by Chico

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I promise that after Sunday I will stop using photos from Kings to market special events for Neu Romance. It’s just that when we get to another milestone (or birthday) I get all sentimental for the beginning.

This Sunday we will celebrate the sixth anniversary of our weekly show. Alibi will host the event, Martin Street Pizza will donate the food, and FM Goods will supply the guest DJs and giveaways. From Kings to Tir Na Nog to Alibi, this show has witnessed unprecedented change in downtown nightlife and culture. There’s more to do downtown than at any time in the last 30 years. For all the condos, skyscrapers and fancy restaurants, Neu Romance is still on Sunday. It is still free, the drinks are still cheap (although the pool is longer free), and the show still consistently represents the most varied and diverse cadre of DJs, musicians and music lovers of any weekly event in the city. I know that sounds bold, but I will stand by it. I like to think of it as an oasis of inclusiveness within a sea of sameness.

So this Sunday you can be a part of the process. The show will start early (8pm) so the 9-5 folks can get a little Neu Romance before the work week starts. And there will be free pizza at the beginning. DJs Castro and Reed will open the show followed by DJs Merlin, Mooney, and Son of Sam at 10pm. Kiko and Mark T will close out the night starting at 1am until about 2:30. It’s just a little show celebrating a little birthday, but we would love to see you there.

Neu Romance 6th Anniversary
Alibi Lounge
14 W. Martin St.
Downtown Raleigh


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