New Kooley High Video for ‘All Day’ Elegantly Portrays Raleigh

March, 08, 2011, by Jedidiah

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Kooley High - All Day from David Hambridge on Vimeo.

Kooley High's fabulous new video for their song 'All Day' highlights some of Raleigh's great downtown spots including Schoolkids Records, Cup of Joe, Raleigh Convention Center, The Pour House, Nice Price Books and more. The skyline shots are gorgeous and are alone a great reason to check out the clip.

Considering Kooley's quick rise in the hip-hop world, we expect this video will be seen by many and Raleigh will be portrayed very elegantly to their fans. A great tribute to a place they used to call home but obviously still have a huge place for in their heart. Love the nice Public Enemy CD placement too.

Dear Raleigh, remember that silly Shine, Raleigh, Shine video? Yeah, we'll take this Kooley High video as our city's promotional song/video over that one any day...all day.

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  • slip kid
    03/08 12:48 PM

    In case you missed this but here is another Raleigh video from Ricky B

  • Tico
    03/08 02:03 PM

    Nice.  That style is a lost art.  Reminds me of Digable Planets.

  • Hudson
    03/08 03:05 PM

    Diggin in… They really make Raleigh look nice in the video.

  • gspot
    03/09 03:12 PM

    Dear Red Hat,

    As you consider downtown Raleigh for your new corporate HQ location, we hope you will take the time to view our latest video ‘All Day.’  Named Raleigh’s official promotional video, it elegantly portrays a city that has everything a growing technology firm could ask for: a coffee shop, a record store, and a van.  We are sure that after viewing, you will be convinced, like the rest of us, that Raleigh is the place to be.


    Kooley High,
    New York, NY

  • DT
    03/09 07:37 PM

    ^ Amen to that. Raleigh could use some tech sector jobs in downtown.

  • Beau Vorous
    03/09 09:41 PM (for REDHAT)

  • OldeSchool
    03/10 07:11 PM

    More important than a coffee shop, van and a record store, we have a racially diverse, intelligible rap group that provides a good product. That’s a bigger draw. Makes me want to take a my shirt off and twist it round my head and spin it like a helicopter.

  • Ironic Hipster Moustache
    03/18 11:38 PM

    gspot is mad.

  • Sarah J
    03/19 09:48 PM

    Love it, and a nice promo for the Pour House, a place near and dear to my heart.

  • Kate
    03/22 12:42 AM

    And Dj iLL Digitz is reading the Raleigh Independent =) (i think it is anyway…)

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