New Menu Rolls Out Today at the Raleigh Times

December, 07, 2009, by Ladye Jane

New Menu Rolls Out Today at the Raleigh Times
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To spice up your holiday dining experience, the Times has rolled out 11-12 new menu items for the meat and veggie eaters alike. Few highlights include the fried cheese, beer steamed mussels, chicken tacos, chicken & biscuits, and the veggie stackers. Also added is a new dessert feature, the Belgian waffle. A few nights ago they were passing around samples of the s’mores version, and they were delish.

Check out the full menu below:

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  • miamiblue
    12/07 04:14 PM

    The new additions look tasty and all, but the Chicken Salad Wrap is gone! ::cry::

  • jbee
    12/07 04:31 PM

    Agreed! the chicken salad wrap was one of my favorite things to order when I want to eat healthier than say a times burger. very sad about this.

  • Varani
    12/07 08:41 PM

    Hooray! Looks great!

  • Jess
    12/08 10:02 AM

    i <3 the cuban…

  • B
    12/08 10:41 AM

    I like that they added the pastrami but my wife is going to miss the bean cakes.  Now I wish they actually made everything good.  The buffalo chicken has no flavor except black pepper - very sad.  And the bartenders/owners think they are too cool and that hoppy beers are the only kind of beer.  Sure, a good IPA is nice sometimes, but it doesn’t mean if a beer doesn’t have tons of hops it’s not good.  Their snobbiness and lack of beer knowledge is a major turnoff considering they think they know beer.  Go ahead and ask them about their own beers - you’ll be surprised at their lack of knowledge.  I’m done with this overrated heap!

  • Jen
    12/08 10:48 AM

    I’m excited about the addition of chicken and biscuits, but I’m definitely going to miss the Chicken Salad Wrap!

  • Nick
    12/08 11:09 AM

    This place really is a joke.  The food is good, but way overpriced.  Give us a decent side to go with that $8 burger.  And now the chicken salad wrap is gone?  Don’t even get me started on the hipster crowd…

  • JT
    12/08 11:54 AM

    The fucking calamari!!!  Noooooooooooo.

  • Micah
    12/08 01:40 PM

    As a hipster, I don’t think the Raleigh Times is a “hipster crowd” at all.  I think you might have some stereotypes mixed up.

  • hackles10
    12/08 02:02 PM

    come on micah, its at the epicenter of the hipster crowd. 

    I go there anyways, regardless…but its pretty obviously hipster.

  • Jess
    12/08 02:29 PM

    i’ve never met a snobby bartender at the Times…maybe a less attentive one, but never a snobby one…

    i do miss the Boston Bibb Salad that disappeared a year ago…

  • Raleigh Everyman
    12/08 03:02 PM

    Don’t call it a hipster crowd!  The second you call it a hipster crowd then many hipsters will cease to go there.  I’m not prepared to ironically start hanging out at Sono and drinking coffee at Cafe Carolina.

    Ahh!  I think I may have inadvertantly identified myself as a hipster!  What can I do?  Where will I go?

  • Jim
    12/08 04:29 PM

    To Jackpot, R.E., to Jackpot.

  • Kate
    12/08 05:28 PM

    noooooo what happened to the bean cakes???

  • Micah
    12/08 05:55 PM

    Raleigh Times had a pretty big hipster patron base when they first opened, but they pretty much went away when other places (like landmark) opened. Now the gelled-hair/sorostitute crowd from Glenwood South seems to be the prominent group there on weekend nights.  You will still see some hipster types there, but calling it an epicenter is just ridiculous…and so 2007.  Changing gears (no pun intended), as well as lightly touching on what Raleigh Everyman said, there really aren’t hipsters anymore anyway.

  • hackles10
    12/08 06:07 PM

    Just because a few kids wear polo shirts doesn’t by any means make it “not hipster”.  If you want to argue that the young professionals have moved in, I might accept that, but thats definitely not the GloSo crowd that people bitch about on here. 

    Anyways, there are still plenty of dark makeup, pencil thin jeans, messenger bags, tats, and ironic clothing to go around.

  • Micah
    12/08 06:24 PM

    One might also argue that the things you label as hipster (dark makeup, skinny jeans, messenger bags, tats, “ironic” clothing) have been de-hipsterized to a large extent.  What was previously viewed as largely hipster is now a lot more mainstream.  I think that at this moment in time I judge someones hipster-ness more by their attitude, not their clothing, accessories or makeup.

  • michelle
    12/08 08:48 PM

    The fried green beans are gone?!

    ...The chicken tacos and veggie stacker sound good though!

  • ryan
    12/08 09:49 PM

    Great bar, great bartenders, good food, good people watching.  Have you guys seen this site?  Kinda funny…

  • Brian
    12/09 05:21 AM

    Had chicken & biscuits tonight.  The chicken was decent, but the biscuits were no better than canned and stew had an overpowering flavor of chicken stock.  Not bad, but $7.95 goes a lot farther for better chicken & biscuits at Bojangle’s.

  • TheWaveLife
    12/09 12:01 PM

    HUGE mistake getting rid of the Chicken Salad wrap. So much for healthy options.

  • tc
    12/09 01:58 PM

    “So much for healthy options. “

    Really?  With 6 different salads, veggie stackers, veggie burgers, and what sounds like a relatively healthy turkey sandwich? 

    That Pastrami on Rye sounds great but, dear god why did you get rid of the Reuben?  It was probably the best in town.  I feel like I just lost a friend or a beloved pet.

  • jdrs
    12/10 02:02 PM

    So mad they took the chicken salad wrap off the menu. That was the perfect lunch item. Let’s boycott until they put it back on!

  • michelle
    12/13 06:48 PM

    Ordered the chicken tacos today, YUM! I have a new favorite menu item.

    (Still WAY bummed about them taking the fried green beans off the menu - Raleigh Times, bring them back!)

  • Allison
    12/16 12:25 PM

    Goodbye bean cakes option at the Times… I won’t lie I’m pretty bummed. I pretty much ate that every time I went and they were delicious. Sucks they took one of/ if not the only, vegan option, off the menu. :(

  • Allison
    12/16 12:26 PM

    .... Unless you LOVE SALADS.

  • emc
    01/19 02:36 PM

    Turkey sandwich is AWESOME!
    BTW, who cares about clientele? If you are worried that the people surrounding you in a bar define you, then that makes you EMO, right? Labels…pfft.

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