New Pizza Place on Glenwood South? Rum Runners Relocation?

From Wine Bar to Sauced

May, 29, 2009, by Christian

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The Raleigh Downtowner reports that the former Enoteca Vin space has been leased by Mike Lombardo, owner of nearby Lucky B’s Bar, and that construction has already begun for a new pizza restaurant. Vin closed in January amid mystery and sadness, along with Carolina Wine Company on Hillsborough Street, both of which were under the same ownership. One can only hope that Lombardo will transform the space into something new and creative for the area. It seems that competition for pizza would be pretty stiff given that Mellow Mushroom is only a couple blocks north and Moonlight Pizza is within walking distance, but the Glenwood South patronage might support another upscale Italian trattoria (518 West also fulfills that niche). No word yet on whether Lombardo plans to continue the wine bar tradition, but if so then that would surely bode well for the new restaurant’s survival.

In related news, it has also been reported that Rum Runners is exploring a relocation to the warehouse district at The Depot (where the failed Hurricane, Blazin Saddles and Soho East were briefly), adjacent to Ess Lounge and Jibarra restaurant. Rum Runners is currently located at City Market next to Moore Square. Speaking of dissing the Depot District.

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  • chris
    05/29 04:15 PM

    Of course, 518 West is already a sort of trattoria. 

    I was sad to see Enoteca Vin close, too, and we can all agree that we’d like to see a wine bar thrive in Raleigh ... but the recent history isn’t making me optimistic.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    05/29 08:01 PM

    Full details will be released (with New Raleigh on the distribution list, of course) the first of next week. My apologies to everyone that local media was too excited to wait to run the story ;-)

  • Horatio
    05/30 12:33 AM

    A problem with Rum Runners is that it’s open only at night. We need more restaurants downtown open during the day as well as at night….my two cents.

  • G. Rienhart
    05/30 12:20 PM

    Speaking of new places opening in downtown.  I heard that the new place on north blount will definately be a Baja restaurant.  I drove by the other day and they are moving big equipement into the stop (hood is out front).  The location will be great for us in the Mordecai neighborhood.  Even closer food and drinks to the house.

  • smitty
    05/30 01:58 PM

    A decent pizza place that is open late would be nice.

  • ben
    05/30 03:24 PM

    I wouldn’t lose any sleep if Rum Runners left City Market and did not reopen anywhere else.

  • RaleighRob
    05/30 04:53 PM

    @Horatio- Good point, but that’s probably why they’d fit in better at the Depot than at City Market.  The Depot seems better oriented for nightlife, whereas City Market’s storefront style is better for places that are open all day.  (I’ve always said if there’s a part of downtown that’s suited for a shopping concentration, City Market would be best, second perhaps to Seaboard.)
    My only worry about Rum Runners in that space is that the cavernous architecture would make a piano echo quite badly…but maybe someone who knows more about that sorta thing could pipe in about that.

  • John
    05/30 11:38 PM

    Glenwood South needs a “Pizza Rustica”.  This is a VERY successful Pizzeria in Miami Beach that sells huge square gourmet slices for about 5 bucks.  It’s an over the counter type place.  They are open late and have lines out the door.

  • miamiblue
    05/31 11:54 AM

    I think a Pizza Rustica would do really well in the Glenwood South area. That or something similar to Blu La Pizzeria del Sole, which is a completely different concept but really good stuff (and still different from Mellow Mushroom, Moonlight and 518).

  • TSnow27604
    06/01 12:26 AM

    Amen John and Miamiblue!  When in South Beach, I head to Pizza Rustica almost everyday.  We need a pizza-by-the-slice place downtown that is open to 2am if not 3.  They would clean up.

  • mgd
    06/01 01:19 AM

    D.C. Councilman Jim Graham wants to ban jumbo slices of pizza in order to help combat crime! 

    Those are perfect place for those restaurants.  If you havent been to The Point for pizza its pretty good and wood fired.  Not to mention they have 10 wings and 5 Schlitz for $12!

  • zohan
    06/01 12:01 PM

    The pizza place is going to be called “Sauced”.  It will be a place where you can get late night pizza and drink beer out of plastic cups.  Don’t hold your breath on the wine bar.  They should do well though considering the lack of late-night pizza available in this neighborhood.  Street-meat stands beware.

  • arthurb3
    06/01 12:42 PM

    Ewwww, plastic cups!!!

  • ATW
    06/01 12:43 PM

    Wine bar should be replaced with wine bar.  Pizza and beer out of plastic cups just sucks.

  • TSnow27604
    06/01 01:20 PM

    If the first wine bar wasn’t successful enough to still be around, why would someone want to open a second?

  • mgd
    06/01 01:24 PM

    I hate when I get pizza in a plastic cup too! 

    Sorry I had to.  LOL

  • DPK
    06/01 02:40 PM

    Oh please, beer out of plastic cups is just fine.  It’s not like this is going to be a high class joint, cheap pizza and beer at 2am is awesome.  Nobody at that hour will really care what they’re drinking out of.

  • Jeb
    06/01 03:19 PM

    The wine bar will be called “Your Mom’s Box” and will feature boxed wine served by your mom.

  • Jim
    06/01 11:06 PM

    May the Sutter Home Zinfandel sustain the Raleigh literati, Jeb.  Tell your mom I tip well.

  • JJ
    06/02 12:41 PM

    Actually, no one will be getting beer from that place at 2AM.  FAIL.

  • DPK
    06/02 07:12 PM

    JJ: You know what I meant, get a grip.

  • mwbsc
    06/04 06:22 PM

    Ditto what Ben says.

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