New Raleigh Does Hopscotch: Day One

New Raleigh Does Hopscotch: Day One

September, 10, 2010, by Stacey

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Based on our New Raleigh staff’s experience, the first night of Hopscotch was a crazy mess of success! Wristbands and volunteer t-shirts could be spotted all over the city, and it was nearly impossible to walk a block downtown without seeing crowds overflowing from the venues onto the sidewalks and streets. All of the clubs we visited last night were packed, with the Berkeley having a 30 minute long queue for entry for the Javelin and Future Islands shows. The VIPs got their money’s worth for the separate, expedited club entrances (and swag bags!), and from what we could tell, almost everyone was able to get in if they were willing to wait it out. People seemed to be having a great time all over the place. If there’s a show you’re desperate to see though, make sure you show up early and ready to battle the masses!

One of the really nice things about the fest so far is that the bands all seem to be playing right on schedule. So, none of the normal guessing games of what the “real” set time will be: Hopscotch set a time frame and they’re sticking to it. Even though Best Coast was ready to go 10 minutes early last night, management made them wait so they could start right on time. That kind of reliability is going to make it much easier to follow your own personal schedules throughout the weekend.

We’ve got photos from some of the shows last night, and we wanted to share them with our readers. Here are a few from the Cults, Best Coast, and Future Islands performances, with more to come. Now, off to prepare for all the day parties!


Best Coast:

Future Islands:

Photos by Stacey Weger

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  • bc
    09/10 01:27 PM

    Look at all that pbr!

  • Stacey
    09/10 04:47 PM

    a PBR apparently comes with your wristband.

  • jim
    09/10 05:33 PM

    I did not notice the bands I saw sticking to the schedule otherwise pretty good.

  • Don'tTakeItSoHard
    09/11 11:24 AM

    The joy-injecting Broken Social Scene OPENING for the sleep-inducing Panda Bear???

    Otherwise, lots of fun.

  • cmon
    09/12 12:34 PM

    nice flash

  • the fucking butcher
    09/14 02:53 AM

    could these pictures (of great bands) suck any more than they do?

  • 150
    09/14 10:21 AM

    I thought the whole PBR love affair was just a joke…...apparently not.  Were people aware Guinness was available??

  • hackles10
    09/14 01:32 PM

    ^to be fair most bars had a PBR special and for my $ its hard to buy $5 and $6 pints when there are 12 and 16 oz. pbrs for sale for @ $1 and $2 a pop.  No need being a beer snob when watching live music, nobody around you cares how deep the hops flavor is or where the beer gets its unique malty finish.

  • 150
    09/14 02:14 PM

    You’re right, hackles. 
    Didn’t intend to be a beer snob with the comment, just found it funny to see all of the PBR cans in a picture from an Irish pub where there’s a Guinness ad in the background.
    Also, I wasn’t aware of the special.  Can’t argue with economics.

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