New Raleigh Presents Between Me and You, Works By Brittain Peck at Designbox

New Raleigh Presents Between Me and You, Works By Brittain Peck at Designbox

May, 19, 2011, by Jedidiah

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New Raleigh will be presenting Between Me and You, a show of art by Brittain Peck. Brittain Peck has been a contributor to New Raleigh for the past few years and his comics have included The All Black Van, Zing! and a handful of socially and politically charged imagery.

Between Me and You will be on display throughout the month of June at Designbox and there will be an opening reception on (First) Friday, June 3rd. We'll have more information and maybe some more previews for you in the coming weeks. We are very excited about what Brittain is producing for this show (especially his Brittish alphabet) and think that you guys will like it as well. 

Brittain Peck's work combines typography, traditional printmaking, and painting to create an introspective commentary on the relationship between language, religion, national identity, and our experiences with normalcy and otherness.
His work centers around "Brittish"; an original alphabet and writing system initially developed as a means to quickly generate uniform hand-painted text for large scale public mural projects. By using line and letter forms to mark the negative space in around letters rather than the letters themselves, Brittish creates an abstraction of the Latin alphabet which requires readers to shift between recognition of positive and negative forms to reconsider their relationship to the English language and social and cultural norms as a whole.
Sponsored by NewRaleigh, Between Me And You will also include opportunities for visitors to interact with the work and carry with them complimentary souvenirs of the exhibit, while original hand-pulled prints, digital reproductions, and other various merchandise will also be for sale.


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  • SGL
    05/22 06:00 PM

    Can’t be worse than those awful comics NR ran. Or, really, anything else they’ve been running lately.

  • Khaner
    05/22 08:48 PM

    I will be in Boston on First Friday, however will def. stop by later.  Grats Brittain!

  • Tony Woodard
    05/23 11:39 PM

    This looks awesome. The script reminds me of a wood craft I made in vacation bible school. It said ‘Jesus’.

  • adam!!
    05/24 12:08 PM

    what does it mean that you are “presenting”?

  • Jon Williams
    06/08 09:22 PM

    @Adam!!—At DB, gallery shows are curated on a rotating basis by individual members. “Presents” in this context means “volunteered a bunch of time to organize” and not the more commonly understood “is somehow involved in a deal in which money is changing hands.”

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