New Raleigh Presents the North Carolina Tunes Room on

New Raleigh Presents the North Carolina Tunes Room on

July, 06, 2011, by Jedidiah

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North Carolina Tunes Turntable.FM Room

If you take the Yahoo chatrooms from the 90's and combine them with the streaming music service Pandora, you'd land right in the middle of a new trendy social music networking site called Started by a man named Billy Chasen in January of this year, has gained a lot of hype from the music blogs and a bit of warnings from the music industry. That said, Turntable.FM has become a cool place to hang out, hear new music (even unreleased demos by bands and DJs) and chat with like minded music lovers. That's where the North Carolina Tunes Room comes in.

After hanging out in other random rooms that focused on chillwave, country and other genres, we thought it would be awesome to create a room for lovers of North Carolina music to hang out in. So, in our post Fourth of July slumber, we decided to start NC Tunes, a room focused solely on North Carolina music and musicians. In the first 24 hours, we've had a few hundred visitors spanning from the mountains to the beaches. As well, we've had a couple of musicians and DJs stop in and play some favorite tunes, even some demos here and there. From WKNC's Local Beat DJ Adam Kincaid, to Stu and BJ from The Love Language (taking time from recording the new album in Black Mountain), to A Rooster for the Masses lead singer Adam Eckhardt. There was even a kid from the School of Science and Math who made ambient electronic music last night that was quite good. 

We'd love to get more folks involved, from musicians, to DJs to just locals who love North Carolina tunes but never had the chance to DJ in a bar. Now's your chance. Come over to NC Tunes and jump up on the decks. The attendance fluctuates throughout the day so if it's empty, come back later on..someone will show up for sure. 

We are going to be on WKNC's Local Beat on Friday night from 7-8pm talking about New Raleigh, local music and the North Carolina room so tune in. 

North Carolina Tunes Turntable.FM Room

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