New Rosebuds Song: Megafaun’s “Brad Cook is Not Your Man”

I Fought the Law

August, 24, 2009, by Jedidiah

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The Brosebuds

If you don’t care about the story and just wanna hear the track, zoom to the bottom of the article.

Most songs come with back stories. Many are romantic in nature and don’t usually require explanation. Others bounce between meaning and nonsense. Others still, have a couple of layers and the story is imperative to thoroughly enjoying the song. The new Rosebuds track “Brad Cook Is Not Your Man” is just that, exploring cops, bromanship, and the love for basketball on top of a soft pseudo-surf rock ‘buds groove.

As you well may know, The Rosebuds and Megafaun have a very fond relationship in the recording studio as well as on the basketball court. Ivan Howard has a mean shot from 30 feet and Brad Cook’s hook shot breaks necks left and right. Ivan and Brad share a twitter account and have traveled across the states in close quarters while Brad has played bass for the Rosebuds and their two bands have played shows together. The mix of work and pleasure seems to be common place. Until one night…....

This is not your man

Brad, Ivan, Matt McCaughan and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon were traveling back from the Lakers/Bobcats game in Charlotte. Remember how dear The Lakers are to Brad’s heart? McCaughan and Vernon were dropped off in Durham and Brad and Ivan headed back to Raleigh. Just as a conversation about “how rad our friends were” got “knee-deep”, blue lights flashed in the rear view mirror. The cause? Expired tags.

Brad informed the officer of how much he traveled and the tags were simply a casualty of touring. “He said it was no problem and that he was just gonna run my ID and let us go with a warning, so long as I took care of it.” Brad explained. Brad and Ivan waited in the car patiently.

10 minutes later…..a second officer pulled up and Brad turned to Ivan and said:

“Dude, somethings up!”  Ivan was like, “nah man, they just check in with each other and shit.”  Sure enough, the next thing we know we are surrounded on both sides of car by two cops with flashlights.  I was like, “what’s up?”  They were like, “Mr. Cook, you are wanted by the state of Virginia for evading officers in Fairfax County in November of 2007.  They would like us to bring you in immediately.” Ivan says in the most Ivan way possible, “Oh shit!”


I won’t spoil too much of the song and its lyrics, but the story continues. It seems that another Brad Cook had been the one evading the cops and had the same birthday and last four digits of his Social Security Number. But how was THIS Brad Cook going to prove to the cops, in the middle of the highway, that he wasn’t their man?

Bro Jackson

Brad kept pleading to the cops and after a trip or two back and forth from his car, the cop asked Brad if he had a tattoo on this left shoulder. Indeed he did! Man, Brad may not get out of this one. What now? Then it dawned on Brad:

I was like, “Shit. WAIT! I didn’t have this tat in 2007!”  He then asks me if I had a chest tattoo.  At that moment I proudly got all girls gone wild and lifted my (authentic) Kareem Abdul-Jabaar jersey over my head. Clear. They let us go.

“Man, Brad is such a Lakers fan, I imagine he would have been happy to go to jail for them, even though the Hornets or whatever had just stung that ass,” says his roommate, Grayson Currin. “That dude walked in the door from a six-week tour this morning, gave me a hug and immediately showed me a Lakers hat he won on Ebay for six cents.”

All that drama and it was the Lakers that saved Brad’s ass and Ivan was there to experience it all and turn it into a fantastic new song for the Triangle Hear Here Compilation. Check out the stream of Brad Cook is Not Your Man at the bottom of the page.

Go Lakers!

Check out the Hear Here Flying Tiger Compilation Release Show on Saturday August 29th at Cat’s Cradle w/ the Annuals, Birds of Avalon, Hammer No More the Fingers and The Never!

Hear Here Triangle Compilation

Hear Here Compilation Teaser Video

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The Rosebuds - Brad Cook Is Not Your Man

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  • Abby
    08/25 06:51 AM

    Love it! Great story.

  • Sarah
    08/25 12:04 PM

    that is one of the craziest stories …ever.

  • Lloyd
    08/25 12:48 PM

    Awesome story but if the Lakers were in any way related to him clearing his name you left that part out. Unless dude normally wears a onesie/chastity belt combo that wouldn’t allow him to show his chest to the cops.

  • Lloyd
    08/25 12:50 PM

    Song is cool too.

  • pepper
    08/25 01:25 PM


    Read the end of the story again….Brad had to take off his authentic Lakers jersey on the side of the road to prove to the cops that he didn’t have a chest tattoo.

  • Abby
    08/25 02:36 PM

    If it makes you feel better, Lloyd, I had to read it twice to get it, too.

  • Lloyd
    08/25 07:00 PM

    I get how the Lakers fit into the story.  He had his authentic Kareem jersey on, they had just gone to a game, he is a super fan.  The jersey even made the song lyrics, awesome.

    I was referring to:

    “All that drama and it was the Lakers that saved Brad’s ass”

    I’m not looking for the missing chapter where the lakers pull up in a tour bus and save the day, I know it’s not literal I just don’t see where you start the stretch to them being involved in him being saved is all.

  • Serious Sam
    08/25 10:25 PM

    This concerns me greatly, New Raleigh.

  • Bart
    08/27 12:51 PM

    Jesus Loyd. get a hobby.

  • Marjorie
    08/30 06:43 AM

    I can just hear Ivan now, with his melodic southern accent…“nah man, they just check in with each other and shit.”

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