A New Low - News and Observer Distributes Fear Laced DVD

The Filth and the Fury

September, 17, 2008, by Jedidiah

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On Saturday September 13th The News and Observer sank to a new low. Included in every paper delivered to homes in Raleigh and across North Carolina was an “informative advertisement” that the Vice President of Display Advertising is paralleling to cereal and toothpaste. But, instead of health or hygiene, the product is fear laced propaganda.

Jim McClure, vice president of display advertising for The N&O, said “there was discussion” about whether to accept the advertisement, but the “ultimate decision” was made by publisher Orage Quarles. “Obviously, we have distributed other product samples, whether it’s cereal or toothpaste,” he said. He declined to say how much the agency paid.

Placed in each Saturday newspaper was an extra insert that included a dvd copy (160,000 in total) of a film called Obsession - Radical Islam’s War Against the West. The film was created by a 501(c)(3) organization (who are exempt from federal income tax) called The Clarion Fund. The group claims to promote “National Security Through Eduction” and attempt to help “Americans understand that the mainstream media is not adequately conveying the reality of radical Islam”. Essentially, a non-profit group that has sent propaganda media in the form of 28 Million DVDs to over 70 newspapers in swing states across the country.

A disclaimer in the beginning of the film, over harrowing music, states that the film is not about the majority of Muslims that “are peaceful and do not support terror” but “about a radical worldview, and the threat it poses to us all”. This statement is definitely true, the film is about radical extremists, but is it informational or simply out to scare its audience?

The film, which is 40 minutes in length, compares the Islamic terrorism to Nazi Germany with images of marching warriors chanting “Death to America” broadcast across the screen continually. Along with these fearful images are massacred bodies and perpetual explosions (some of which seem to have added sound). The music used in the film is dark and threatening throughout and the rhetoric spoken attempts to scare. It is as though the year 2004 has resurfaced four years later…..once again in another election year.

This film does very little in the realm of information. Its dialogue and imagery are fear based and not educational. An agenda is clear (The film was shown on Fox News in the run up to the 2006 election…funny it should surface again 50 days before the next election). If you want to watch a very educational documentary about the same subject, watch Power of Nightmares which actually explores the roots of Radical Islamic and the Neo-Conservative movements, not just the fear, but the ideology as well. It is produced by a well respected news organization, the BBC and is free to watch on the internet and has just been released on DVD. There’s a difference between distribution of information and the projection of fear on the public. The type of documentation makes all the difference.

But this article isn’t about the film as much it is about The News & Observer. Sure, the N&O “warned” its customers that the DVD was being packaged in Saturday’s paper. And yes, they do have a right to accept advertising from any company that pays the bill (The N&O hasn’t disclaimed how much they were paid to distribute the DVDs in a time where Things are Bad for Newsies).

But, are we to be pressured into being scared by terrorist propaganda that is distributed by an independent organization that will also not reveal its financial records (Clarion will not list their donors’ names but states they are “private American individuals that span the political spectrum”) and uses the twin towers as part of the anti-Islam website logo. Are we, as citizens of Raleigh, being fairly marketed to?

To quote the film “If you want to get people to fight, you have to make them think there is a threat and they are in danger.” The speaker was referring to Radical Islam, but by spreading this propaganda, The News & Observer contributes to a similar attempt to spread the theory of threat and danger in our residents. We were ranked the “most political city” in the US, but I have yet to see anything about the most vulnerable. We should stand up against the smear and demand our toothpaste and cereal samples back over propaganda and fear.

“There is no greater threat than radical Islam,” said Gregory Ross, spokesman for the Clarion Fund, a New-York based nonprofit organization that is paying newspapers to distribute the DVD. “It needs to be pushed to the forefront of the political discussion.”

The Clarion Fund’s fear has been pushed to the forefront and the News & Observer pushed it there.  There’s a huge difference between a newspaper endorsing a candidate and endorsing fear in a political season. The N&O has done the latter but should stick to the former. Do we need to be scared into voting one way or another? I think we are smarter than that. We deserve better. We deserve our Aquafresh and Multi-grain Cheerios back.

Promotion of hate speech is not something new for the N&O.  Conspicuously missing from the city museum’s history of media exhibition, is the paper’s publisher of 54 years, Josephus Daniels consistent promotion of racial intimidation against black voters.  From Wikipedia:

In 1898, The News & Observer and Daniels ran a racist campaign to reclaim the state legislature from an alliance of the Republican and Populist political parties that had taken control of the state legislature in 1894. This campaign helped to bring about the disenfranchisement of thousands of black voters. The 1898 campaign, organized by Democratic Party state leaders (including Daniels and other white supremacists), resulted in the deaths of up to 100 African Americans and the burning of a minority-owned newspaper in the Wilmington race riots



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  • Little Billy
    09/17 02:08 AM

    There is no greater sin than squelching free speech.  More power to the N&O.

  • aburtch
    09/17 02:11 AM

    The News & Record in Greensboro was approached as well and asked to distribute the DVD.  They opted out.  I guess they didn’t need the money as bad.

  • Ryan
    09/17 03:55 AM

    It should also be pointed out these propaganda pieces were strategically sent out in key swing states for this election (North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania).  I am frightened by this calculated ‘advertisement’ and the N&O’s inability to resist financial gains for the sake of respectability and legitimacy.  The printed press has a long history of refusing to print propagandized and/or severely biased stories, ads, cartoons, etc which intentionally distort the truth and encourage unsubstantiated fear, hate, and panic.  The lack of restraint in this instance is indicative of the N&0’s questionable journalistic morals and their desperation to peddle their sub-par product.

  • Matt
    09/17 12:55 PM

    I can respect the thoughts above, but to a LOT of people, radical Islam is the No. 1 concern in the world. The tactics used in this “advertisement” may not be very PC, but hopefully they will be effective.

  • B
    09/17 01:01 PM

    So, are we saying that the N&O has begun recruiting for Islamic militant groups? If anyone is insighting fear and panic, you only have to look as far as our local news stations. In 3 days they managed to scare the price of gas up 50¢ a gallon. Also, if you haven’t watched the news lately. The US is shooting itself in the foot. Terrorist are, just sitting back, laughing at us while we do their work for them.

  • bigboy
    09/17 03:32 PM

    The story is pretty wild.  If you don’t think it might be close to home, just drop in Amra’s on Friday night or any near by c-store.

  • SMF
    09/17 03:49 PM

    People should fear radical Islam. I don’t understand why everyone wants to be so PC and accepting, yet if something bad happens they first blame the government. Illegal immigration is out of control. The US borders are viloated thousands of times a day and neither candidate is the least bit concerned. Are we nieve enough to believe that only Mexicans are entering the country that way? Is it possible that countless amounts of terrorists have entered? I think it is a matter of time before an incident occurs that will dwarf Sept. 11th. Until then, feel good about yourselfs, and how accepting and understanding you are of everyone elses culture. This country sells out for anyone who isn’t American. What about American culture?Good luck.

  • bigboy
    09/17 03:52 PM

    Can i get an amen?

  • BA
    09/17 04:21 PM

    What? Radical Islam is the No. 1 concern?!

    Over the plummeting economy, over skyrocketing unemployment rates, over declining quality of education in this country, over our complete dependence on foreign oil (which of course has nothing to do w/ how the terrorists got their money now does it?!), over our destruction of america’s country and cities w/ our consumerism, over the exponentially rising health care costs in this country? Etc, etc??

    Perhaps when I can understand how radical Islam affects my EVERY DAY life, I’ll get it. Until then this BS just feeds the type of America we’re creating for ourselves - egotistical, consumerist, overzealous religious fanatics who don’t understand why anyone could hate us.

  • John
    09/17 04:29 PM

    If you don’t agree with it don’t watch it or turn it off. Of course they have an agenda, and are trying to scare people with their DVD—that’s the whole reason they exist.

    There’s a huge difference between saying the N & O is promoting hate speech and them just running an ad. Running an ad doesn’t mean they endorse the message. It just means they’re getting paid for it. Nothing wrong with this.

  • Mark
    09/17 04:35 PM

    I refuse to read this article because it is propaganda and you don’t disclose how much money you make.  I also am a staunch hater of free speech.  I will only tolerate actions that have been approved by myself and myself alone.

  • bigboy
    09/17 04:36 PM

    BA- get your facts straight before shooting off half cocked.  Perhaps after majoring in politics and writing a thesis on the Arab/Israeli conflict, you would understand why we are hated.  It has zero to do our ego, what and how much we buy, or what god we believe in.

    Oh and by the way, historically skyrocketing unemployment rates would be closer to 10%. However, your misguided facts do bolster your case for declining quality of education. 

    We certainly do have our issues and Islamic terrorism is a day to day reality.

  • SMF
    09/17 04:54 PM

    Preach on Bigboy!

  • BA
    09/17 05:01 PM

    So where are you getting your wealth of facts from then bigboy?
    DVDs and organizations like this?
    There are facts on all sides of this issue, and you could find tons to prove you are right and I could find tons to prove how right I am. The main difference is the source they come from.

    All I would really like to know is how islamic terrorism affects your daily life?

    And it was my understanding that this wasn’t just an ad… it was an actual DVD enclosed with the paper - ? There is a difference between an ad and distributed materials. Especially if it is coming from a source like the News and Observer.

  • Howard Beale
    09/17 05:01 PM

    As far as news media is concerned:

  • bigboy
    09/17 05:19 PM

    BA- glad you asked.  I happened to be in NY City, you know the place that 17 islamic terrorists flew planes into the WTC, the day it happened.  I deal with it and those bastards on a daily basis.

    Also, I am a graduate of Wake Forest University (with honors).  Is that good enough for you?

    Maybe you can show me how I am wrong, and I can show you how to read without moving your lips.

  • 150
    09/17 05:43 PM

    bigboy, no, just being in NYC on 9/11 (you and 8 million others) and being a Wake grad are not good enough credentials.  Neither address expertise on the subject. 

    Also, you didn’t supply any substantial facts to answer BA’s concerns.

  • BA
    09/17 05:57 PM

    There is absolutely no reason for you to be condescending to me. I graduated with honors too. Big deal.
    You live in NYC. Okay, when you get up in the morning, are you thinking about how to deal with the terrorists who seem to be infiltrating your life on a daily basis? Perhaps you are one of the people who lost someone, and I’m sorry if that is the case. I can understand why that would make it a daily focus (and hatred). But I do not think the majority of the people in this country are affected daily by Islamic terrorism.
    And I do not think the News and Observer was justified in distributing this material. Were they to distribute the other side of this issue as well, that might make more sense in terms of presenting both sides of an issue to the public. Which is what I thought the news was for.

  • bigboy
    09/17 06:01 PM

    Are you serious?  You need me to spell out the facts??  I think the burden is on everyone to do their own research.  I really don’t have the time to cram several years of studying here AND abroad (yes, in Israel) to convince you, 150.  Question: have you ever been to the ME?

  • B
    09/17 06:08 PM

    Been to the ME? Can’t you just see pictures of it on FOX News.

  • Ginny
    09/17 06:10 PM

    I found it interesting that the N&O ran a front page article explaining its decision to accept the advertisement, and included a box that urged people with comments to contact the advertising department. Editors were clearly trying to draw a line between the editorial and advertising decision to allow the DVD advertisement to be slipped into the paper. I explored it in a video here:

  • 150
    09/17 06:40 PM

    bigboy:  BA asked you for your facts and your sources.  You simply didn’t give any.

  • bigboy
    09/17 06:48 PM

    Here you go, Beavis.

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  • bigboy
    09/17 06:49 PM

    Here is some more…
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  • bigboy
    09/17 06:50 PM


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  • bigboy
    09/17 06:52 PM

    and some more…

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  • bigboy
    09/17 06:54 PM

    something closer to home…
    HILLSBOROUGH - Mohammed Taheri-Azar pleaded guilty this morning to nine counts of attempted first-degree murder charges stemming from a March 2006 incident in which he drove a rented SUV into a crowd of people on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

    As part of a plea bargain, prosecutors dropped nine counts of aggravated felonious assault charges…

    Taheri-Azar will likely face 21 to 33 years in prison. Fox scheduled his sentencing for Aug. 26 at 9:30 a.m.

    Because Taheri-Azar has been unpredictable with his legal representation, Woodall wanted to separate the sentencing from this hearing so victims could be sure Taheri-Azar was going to plead guilty before arranging their schedules to appear in court…

  • BA
    09/17 06:54 PM

    I am serious. (And I’m betting some of the other people responding to this article are too.)
    Call me a total idiot, I really don’t care, but I would think if you were so adamantly passionate about something you could give me a few brief examples. Particularly when I am asking about your every day experiences. And I would not consider a trip to the Middle East (ME for those in the know apparently) an example. That is not every DAY.
    And thanks Ginny for that link. It will be interesting to see what happens with any type of article or DVD, etc. representing the other side of all this.

  • go go girl
    09/17 06:59 PM

    <ita> I really don’t have the time to cram several years of studying here AND abroad (yes, in Israel) to convince you, 150 </ita>

    You could just hit the major points and mention a few of your more reliable sources ...

    I had not realized that the DVD was distributed only in swing states - if true it certainly diminishes the N&O’s reputation has a liberal rag.

  • 150
    09/17 07:01 PM

    Absolutely hysterical!  What a fraud!

    For those interested, bigboy just copied Wikipedia’s (quality source!?!) sources from the following entry:

    bigboy: BA just asked you for the sources of your facts.  That’s all.  No big deal.  Instead of giving them, you told us all how much of an expert you are on the subject because you were in NYC, went to WF, and have travelled to the ME.  Instead of giving any real sources for your claimed knowledge, you just lifted from Wikipedia.

  • bigboy
    09/17 07:05 PM

    I don’t deal with cancer or AIDS on a day to day basis, yet I consider them to be an extreme threat to our society.  Wouldn’t you?

    Seriously, read some of the material I listed.  It is not just crap off drudge, fox, or the N&O.  Understand their methodologies, sense of time, and their will to succeed.  It does impact us all daily.

  • bigboy
    09/17 07:10 PM

    Samir Khan look him up too

  • bigboy
    09/17 07:11 PM

    sorry 150, i dont have my reference pages on my thesis at work.

  • BA
    09/17 07:22 PM

    I would say that cancer and AIDS are actually more in my day to day life than Islamic terrorism, but I would not say either was my No. 1 concern, no. I am very concerned about the failing economy, destruction of the environment, an education system that doesn’t seem to be working, having adequate healthcare, and women’s rights. THOSE issues affect my daily life.
    I am sorry, but I do not see how you have proven your point by citing a bunch of sources that have nothing to do with what you think about when you get up in the morning.

  • SMF
    09/17 07:45 PM

    Bigboy may have went over the top but I understand his general point. I’m originally from NY, just outside the city. I have been here awhile and have no ties to 9-11. In a small city like Raleigh where mass transit doesn’t really exist, maybe we don’t think much about a terrorist attack. In a city like NYC where they have a massive subway system, buses and traffic like we have never seen, they probably do worry about terrorism on a daily basis. Not to mention many tall buildings, the Empire State Building for example, that would be a high profile target. Also, terrorist cells tend to act pretty covertly. You generally won’t know about them until they strike, unlike the news which has constant updates on the stock market and other things. Thats kind of the way they work. Nobody knows how many cells there are or what they will do, but we are now aware of their capibilities thanks to 9-11. The Islamic extremists have made it clear that they won’t rest until they destroy the U.S. I believe them 100 percent. I don’t live my life in fear of terrorism but I understand it can happen anywhere, although probably not Raleigh, and can have a massive effect on our economy and well being in the blink of an eye.

  • David
    09/17 07:49 PM

    It doesn’t really matter how you feel about the video- it really only has one purpose to target states where fear will push McCain over the top. Be Scared. Vote McCain.

  • Rusty
    09/18 01:04 AM

    I can’t wait to throw this pop some popcorn, throw this baby into the dvd player, and sit down with the kids to educate them about what a horrible world we live in.

    Thanks News & Observer!

  • Freedom Patriot Troop Supporter Bumper Flag Guy
    09/18 01:20 AM

    SMF : Bigboy

    I don’t care how much you ‘think’ about terrorism on a day to day basis.

    Spend decades of your life transfixed upon it.
    That nor strategic planning cannot stop a small group of people from commiting heinous actions.

    Were not ‘sending a message’ with this war now.
    And things like the Patriot Act / tightening our borders cannot stop every insurgency.

    Crazy people will continue to do crazy things.

    Spending the next years of your life trying to plan for the unexplainable is laughable at best.

    And, now, thanks to DVDs like this one - other kneejerk reactionaries re going to equate all Muslims , all people of the Islam faith as terrorist.


    So, you stay scared. Stay scared for all of us. Your doing a great job.
    Hope it all works out for you.

  • SMF
    09/18 02:15 PM

    Freedom Patriot Troop Supporter Bumper Flag Guy, I said nothing about the current war, I don’t believe we should be over there at all. As far as terrorism, it absolutely is a very real concern for America. I don’t spend my day worrying about it, be I’m always aware of it. Taking the attitude that things will happen and there is nothing we can do is why we are currently being invaded by Mexico. Nobody has “tightened the borders”, Republican or Democrat. Keep on believing we’re doing all we can at the borders. Mexicans will stop coming here when the U.S is no better off than Mexico. Take the troops out of Iraq and put them on the border.

  • dillyb43
    09/22 02:09 PM

    wow, what a thread.  is anyone else frightened that bigboy wanted an “amen” for stating, “The story is pretty wild.  If you don’t think it might be close to home, just drop in Amra’s on Friday night or any near by c-store. “???

    While terrorism is a concern (and always has been, but we didn’t really care when we weren’t the primary targets), i’m more frightened by the mindset of individuals like bigboy, who obviously, on a daily basis, makes rash judgments regarding people he doesn’t know due to their physical appearances.  Pretty sophisticated philosophy for an educated Big City Guy.

    And can we lay off the Mexicans?  Who can honestly tell me you wouldn’t do whatever you had to in order to give your family a substantially better life if all that stood in the way was a little border of land? Please.

  • SMF
    09/22 02:39 PM

    That was pretty scary. Whats the big deal of illegally crossing a border? Its just a border. If you need a little extra money, just rob someone, after all, if you need the money to help your family get a substantially better life, its just a law. Thats why we have the border problem. Either people feel sorry for them so they say its no big deal, or companies are looking to take advantage of cheap labor to further fatten their own pockets. Its wrong either way.

  • dillyb43
    09/22 03:36 PM

    You’ve missed my point, but I knew you would.

    Your black and white, either/or take on the issue is refreshing.  We don’t see enough of that these days.

    And I apologize:  I can see where you’d make the leap from crossing a border, struggling to keep your family fed and safe (even if you have to work out the legalities later) to robbing someone.  I get it now.  Mexicans = criminals.  I think there’s a sheriff’s job in Johnston County with your name on it.

    Perhaps we have a border problem because our elected officials have let fear cloud the premises on which this great nation was formed?  Nah, that would be silly.

  • SMF
    09/22 04:07 PM

    Way to deal with the issue. Assume racism on my part, Liberal thinking 101. The issue is illegally crossing the border. I know that is a little to black and white, but that is simply the problem. What does fear have to do with enforcing the laws of this land? Go back to your Liberal handbook and come up with something a little more precise than misdirection.

  • dillyb43
    09/22 05:04 PM

    This is NOT a black and white issue but a very complicated one—one which you seem to be muddling.  The initial discussion was not about borders, but you brought it there.

    First you state no one has secured the borders so we aren’t safe from terrorism.  Then you lament that Mexicans will only stop coming here once we’re as bad off as Mexico.  What’s your point?  What’s the threat?  Terrorism?  Mexicans crossing the border? The US becoming Mexico because the Mexicans are here?  All of the above? 

    I don’t condone illegal action. I do not “feel sorry” for Mexicans, nor do I exploit them for my own personal gain.  I also feel very fortunate to be the citizen of a country where I don’t have to choose between legality and survival.  I assume you’re just as lucky.

    Don’t even begin to pretend you don’t know what fear has to do with enforcing the laws of this country after you suggest using US troops to guard against the thralls of poverty-striken Mexicans risking our Homeland Security.

  • Sluv
    09/23 01:02 AM

    Personally, I will judge the N&O based on the content of their journalism, not the toothpaste and DVD’s they choose to sneak in along with the papers.


    The notion that all Muslims are a threat to national security is pretty silly. Anyone who thinks that should really pick their heads out of the sand. Islam teaches peace and tolerance. Radical Islamic terrorists are a very small but motivated and capable group who twist and stretch the teachings of their faith to justify their cause which is one of violence and brutality. The threat, however, is real.

    It is very sad to see that some would rather see the federal government working hard to manage the economy than to see them working to keep American citizens safe. Very sad.

    Unlike threats to national security, indications of economic instability are abundantly reported and in plain sight. Both exist.

    Pressing lawmakers to enhance the quality of the economy is akin to voting for money. Ben Franklin once warned that when the people choose to vote themselves money, that will be the end of the republic.

    Please protect our rights (life, liberty, the pursuit) before our portfolios.

  • Carriebella
    10/03 03:32 AM

    Today I recieved this propaganda DVD in the mail from the Clarion Fund. I didn’t order it… and it didn’t come in the paper. I sure would like to know who they bought my mailing address from.

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