NHL All-Star Game Coming to Raleigh?

February, 21, 2009, by Jedidiah

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NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says Raleigh will host the NHL All-Star Game, just not sure when. This would mean great money for Raleigh. If only the RBC Center was downtown. Bummer.

Think they could put some ice down in the Convention Center for a weekend?

via Sports Illustrated.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said the Carolina Hurricanes will host the All-Star game. He just isn’t ready to say when.

Speaking Friday before the Hurricanes faced Tampa Bay, Bettman offered his words as “a renewal of the commitment.’‘

Local officials have taken care of most of the concerns the league had about Raleigh. The team’s season-ticket base has been shored up, and additional luxury hotels and a convention center recently have been built.

The game was held in Montreal last month. There will not be an All-Star game next year because of the Winter Olympics.

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