N&O Employee’s Fake Front Page says Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

April, 21, 2009, by David

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It’s a sad day today at the N&O. Many long time employees finished their last day, and all of them are huge losses for the newspaper.  But the staffers turned today on its head, appropriately hassling Gary Pruitt, the CEO of McClatchy, who in the era of cheap credit, traded the financial security of McClatchy to buy Knight Ridder.  That purchase has now put all of the McClatchy papers in jeopardy and as they downsize and slice costs, the casualties are far and wide.  We are glad to see that being let go didn’t stop them from having some fun and working with their designers to have an appropriate bon voyage.

Romanesko posted this front page mockup, and the sentiment, is fun without being too bitter.  Our hearts go out to the ‘swimmers’ and ‘survivors’ both.  Check out the first paragraphs of the paper and download the PDF below.  Also, be sure to read the opinion column on the losses today. The News and Observer isn’t the only entity losing these amazing individuals- but all of Raleigh and the wider N&O audience will suffer from the loss of coverage. 

A thank you for all of your service to our city to: Sam Spies, Ned Barnett, Eileen Heyes, Wade Rawlins, Joe Miller, Marti Maguire, Rob Waters, Josee Meehan, Paul Magann, Lou Bonds, Gail Thrift, Jane Ruffin, Winston Cavin, Kay Wallace, Sabine Vollmer, Joyce Hicks, Peder Zane, Aimee Overton, Becky Ogburn, Roger van der Horst, Jason Arthurs, Van Denton, Colline Roberts, Laurie Evans, Tom Mosier, Susan Ebbs, Joyce Howard, Adelaide Nash, A.J. Carr, Maurreen Skowran,  and Bonnie Rochman.

The RMS McClatchy was a top-of-the-line ship,owned by the White Star Line and built in a ship-yard in Sacramento, Calif.

During the golden era of newspa-pers,  the White Star Line owned many profitable steamships that docked at wealthy and growing home-ports along the Pacific and Atlantic.

Yet Capt.  Gary,  the golden boyadmiral of the White Star Line,wanted a bigger ship.  He wantedone big enough to ferry a fleet of corporate jets. He wanted one big enough to make Mick Jagger envi-ous. He wanted one big enough to float $3 billion in debt.

So he commissioned the RMS Mc-Clatchy.

The RMS McClatchy was one of the largest newspaper steamships in the world. She was welded together from the hulls of several old steamships, in-cluding a leaky tub called the RMS Knight Ridder that hailed from the chaotic port of Miami.

Download the Fake N&O Front Page


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  • Karen A. Mann
    04/21 10:41 PM

    It’s a terrible day for local journalism. I worked with most of the folks listed for many years, and I can say that they’re all good people and true professionals. I think you had to work there to appreciate how hilarious that page actually is.

  • aburtch
    04/22 12:41 AM

    Seriously…who’s left!?  I really enjoyed Joe Miller’s work and will miss his articles on the outdoor life.  It’s so sad that in such a short amount of time the N&O has been transformed from a respectable paper to a local pamphlet running on a skeleton crew.

  • Les
    04/22 09:42 AM

    I’ll miss Jason Arthurs’ talent-rich photography.

  • Betsy
    04/22 10:08 AM

    The departing folks include some writers I really enjoyed. 

    After the over-leveraged McClatchy Corp finally goes under, perhaps the dedicated journalists at the N&O will still be in the area and ready to be part of a new team in whatever form the local newspaper will take.  I hope so.

  • Aftercancer
    04/22 01:34 PM

    I’m in Wilmington but to have any real insight on what is going on in the state the N&O has been the place to turn. You will all be missed and if I could pay I’d hire the lot of you to write for me.

  • Euri
    04/23 12:47 AM


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