Oakwood Cafe Switches Up the Inside

November, 14, 2008, by Jedidiah

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One of the best restaurants, and definitely the most ethnically authentic, just got even better. Oakwood Cafe is definitely in my top 5 restaurants in Raleigh, if not numero uno. Over the years, the restaurant has started filling up earlier and earlier for lunch as more and more people find out about this gem of a lunch joint. Dinner on the weekends is not as crowded and a very romantic place to spend little money and have a first class meal.

There are few negative things about Oakwood Cafe. The one major problem has always been space. Space for seating, space for waiting, space for paying. This was recently solved when the restaurant owners decided to slightly reconsider the interior. Gone is the table that was located, almost literally, in the kitchen. They have added a couple more booths, repainted the ceiling tiles and added new fiber board on all the walls. The bar has been moved back towards the kitchen and in general there is more space for seating and arrangement of tables for larger parties.

It actually took me a while to notice that things had changed. The space is less cramped but still has the same fantastic food and atmosphere. Thumbs way up Oakwood, that’s the kind of renovations we like seeing in the capital city.

Need a place for a first date or simply dinner tonight or Saturday? Check out Oakwood Cafe. I doubt you’ll be disappointed, I never have been.

photo from AuntNanny

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  • Arial
    11/16 03:09 PM

    Thanks for this update and for bringing attention to one of my favorite restaurants. Norberto, Amalia, and their daughters are a friendly, funny, hard-working family. And yes, the food’s pretty wonderful, too.

  • Ryan
    11/16 09:11 PM

    Jed… Let’s plan to go sometime soon to celebrate all things new and wonderful!

  • arthurb3
    11/17 03:04 PM

    The food here is AWESOME!!

  • Paul
    01/15 06:33 PM

    Went for lunch and it was excellent. Empenadas were rocking! I had a very filling lunch for under ten bucks. I will be back again and again!

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