Obama Coming To Raleigh Wednesday

Obama Coming To Raleigh Wednesday

July, 24, 2009

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President Barrack Obama will be in Raleigh Wednesday according to the N&O.  This morning in an off camera briefing the press Secretary mentioned that the president would be visiting Raleigh next week to talk about the upcoming health care reform.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said: “We travel again on Wednesday. We’ll go through this in the (discussion of the) week ahead this afternoon but we have stops in Raleigh, North Carolina, and southwestern Virginia . . . It’s health care.”

Under the Dome

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  • f
    07/24 05:16 PM

    I just realized how brilliant “Under the Dome” is.  Ha! Oh, and ‘yay!’ re: Obama.

  • JRD
    07/24 11:37 PM

    Oh, please!!!  If you havent caught on to all the BS by now, then you deserve to have a terrible President.  Ignorance is bliss.

  • richardfoc
    07/25 12:18 AM

    If ignorance is bliss JRD must be the happiest person on earth.

    Come on, you were all thinking it…I just went ahead and said it.

  • Dorohty & Moses Moore
    07/26 05:03 PM

    We would to come to see the Prsident On Wednesday in Raleigh NC. We supposted his campaine,and hope to be there.

    Thank You.

  • sally
    07/27 01:23 PM

    By the way, the President’s first name is spelled B-A-R-A-C-K.

  • Matt W
    07/28 05:32 AM

    Dorohty & Moses Moore—shining examples of what happens when Grandma and Grandpa get on the interwebs. :)

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