Obama Easley Fist Bump Spawns Surgery

July, 31, 2008, by Jedidiah

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North Carolina Governor Mike Easley recently had surgery on his shoulder which he said was a result of his fist bump with Obama.

The N&O reports that Easley had been having problems with his shoulder but realized that it needed more attention in June after Obama’s speech in Raleigh.

“He wanted to go up high with that right arm,” Easley said. “I was smiling….but I was like, ‘I gotta get this fixed.” Maybe the notorious fist-bump needs yet another name…any suggestions?

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  • Lisa Jeffries
    08/01 02:32 AM

    Good one, MikeE… I still love watching that clip. QUALITY entertainment!

  • Andrea C. O'Donnell
    08/01 07:40 PM

    Why no DIGG or email function?

  • David
    08/01 07:57 PM

    Email is right above the comments, obviously it isnt visible enough though.  Digg, well most of our stuff doesn’t make sense for that audience.  Thanks for the ideas!

  • David
    08/08 08:21 PM

    Easley’s whiter than Larry Bird.  I know a good doctor overseas that can probably pop that thing back in for him, and on the taxpayers dime too.

  • somuchbetter
    08/08 08:38 PM

    Maybe they should name it the fist-bump of death.

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