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April, 24, 2009, by Ladye Jane

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View of the 100 and 200 block of Fayetteville looking North.

Once again, “Aunt Betsy and her Automobull” (yes- i know there is discussion on whether or not that is actually a bull, but that’s what Betsy and her ride were called).

The railroad’s Union Station, completed in 1892.


The Yarborough House on Fayetteville Street.


Auditorium and Municipal Building on Fayetteville Street.


The Raleigh Hotel, formerly the Park Hotel designed by A.G. Bauer.


Before it was the Mansion Park Hotel, it was Baptist Female University (now known as Meredith).


Before the Sir Walter was used as apartments, it was a popular downtown hotel.

Postcards courtesy of Raleigh City Museum



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  • Mary E.
    04/24 05:28 PM

    This is lovely, thanks for posting! :)

  • Rose Marie
    04/24 10:51 PM

    Will have a fashion show, tea room modeling on May 4 at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. Hope you come enjoy the food (you pick up your own check (LOL) and see a nice Designer fashion show.


  • HD
    04/25 01:29 AM

    I remember staying at he Sir Walter in the late ‘50s. My dad brought me along on a business trip.
    I thought I was in a Hollywood production.

    The polished wood and brass—the aromas of the restaurant—the pressed linens(grown,spun,woven and sewn in N.C. no doubt) combined with the impeccably genteel helpful mannerisms of the staff were quite impressive to a ten year old boy. I was truly made to feel like royalty.

    Thanx for the warm flashback!!

  • chippa
    04/25 08:07 AM

    The postcard featuring The Raleigh hotel (#6) looks a little like the Bloomsbury Estates bldg.

  • Jim
    04/25 10:57 AM

    Was the Baptist Female U./Mansion Park Hotel on the northwest corner of Edenton and Blount?

  • Raleigh Boy
    04/25 11:27 AM

    Notheast corner. That entire block is a vast wasteland of state government black top today. The yellow brick gateposts from the hotel era seen in the postcard are still there, though.

  • ct
    04/25 05:06 PM

    First rendering I’ve seen of Raleigh Union Station (at the corner of Dawson and Martin) as orignally built. Some of this building remains in off-white paint, minus the tower and of course the boarding platforms in the rear.

  • John Morris
    04/25 09:51 PM

    It’s a shame the sign on top of the Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel isn’t still there.

    I was recently given two old postcards and some other old Raleigh print materials by a friend’s mom. It looks like they were part of a series, but not sure of the date. Do you know more or have any other from the series?

  • ladye jane
    04/28 10:31 AM

    It was a series done by the North Carolina News Company (we have a ton of them here at the RCM). I’m guessing they were put out around 1948 because we have a few in here that have postmarks on the back.

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