Open Letter to Foundation and Boylan Bridge Brewpub

March, 06, 2009, by Acree

Open Letter to Foundation and Boylan Bridge Brewpub
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Dear Foundation and Boylan Bridge Brewpub,

As evidenced by my recent visits, I am enthusiastic about both your openings. I love the atmospheres—so different, and yet complementary—as well as the beer itself. I think you both provide unique hangouts that were previously missing in downtown Raleigh. And I hope the best for your business.

Which is why I feel I have to say… I’m sorry.

I’m really not the kind of person who runs out on tabs. I promise. In fact, until this week I don’t think I’d ever run out on a tab in my life. Forget to close out? Sure. Have to drive to a bar on a Sunday afternoon and wait around for it to open so I can get my credit card back? Who hasn’t.

But to simply and completely run out on a tab? This was a first.

Well, a first and second.

Maybe it was my excitement for the openings. Maybe it was the purity of taste of the locally brewed beer. More than likely, it was simply my utter space cadetry. Regardless, I’m sorry. You deserve better.

Can we put this behind us? I know we got off to a bad start, but I’m not ready to give up on you two, and I hope beyond hope that you haven’t given up on me. I like you both a whole lot. I wouldn’t be asking for your forgiveness if I didn’t.

I plan to keep my distance for a little while, because I realize you may need some room for healing. But in a few weeks, when some stranger sheepishly approaches one of your bartenders with a $10 bill, you’ll know who it is. And you’ll know that I’m sorry.

If you’d like to contact me first, you can send the bill to I had a French Broad and one and half Gateway Goldens, respectively.

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