Our Medium’s Not Dying: New Raleigh Is “Hyperlocal”

Our Medium’s Not Dying: New Raleigh Is “Hyperlocal”

April, 16, 2009, by Acree

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Is New Raleigh a newspaper? Magazine? Blog? Blogazine? We’re not sure, either. But today N.C. State’s Technician shed some light on our identity in this article.

Maggie Luckadoo, who interviewed our own Jedidiah yesterday about the nature and business of New Raleigh, writes, “As newspapers across the country cut staff and production cost… hyperlocal journalism is making its way onto the Web.”

If this term catches on, I can forego the cocktail floundering of, “It’s like an online magazine blog news thing?” and simply say, “New Raleigh? It’s hyperlocal journalism.”

Think global, be hyperlocal.

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  • roi
    04/16 03:21 PM

    I noticed that the Metro Magazine was not included in the intercircle.  I would think that it would be in the N@O, WRAL circle as a news source somewhat covering some, or at least a few, of news items that the New Raleigh covers.

  • roi
    04/16 05:22 PM

    Oops, excuse me that should be “inner”, not inter.

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