Outdoor Ice Rink Coming Downtown This Winter

Outdoor Ice Rink Coming Downtown This Winter

Winter Wonderland

October, 07, 2009, by Ladye Jane

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This year, December 4th will not only mark the lighting of the downtown Christmas tree, but will also welcome the opening of a downtown outdoor skating rink as part of “Winter Fest”. The rink is going to be part of the new City Plaza, and will be nestled between the Bank of America building and where the delayed Charter Square will go.  Tickets will be a very reasonable $6, which includes skate rentals. Carter Worthy, the Chair of the Board for the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, said that the rink will be open afternoons and weekdays till 9 pm, and most likely a little later on weekends.

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UPDATE: Got a press release about the event after the post had gone up, here are some more details-

The kickoff for the First Annual AT&T Raleigh Winterfest, a two-month long holiday event, will be combined with Mayor Meeker’s Tree Lighting on the evening of Friday, December 4, 2009 in City Plaza located in the 400 block of Fayetteville Street. Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker announces, “Winterfest is sure to be a treasured Raleigh tradition. I am so excited about the December 4 kickoff which promises to be a fun-filled celebration.” Opening night will run from 5 p.m. until 11 p.m. on Friday, December 4 and will feature an outdoor ice rink, performances by local choirs and bands, talented figure skaters and a multitude of other entertainers, a visit by Santa Claus, a reading by Ira David Wood III (star of Theatre in the Park’s A Christmas Carol), delicious food and drinks, a dazzling holiday tree lighting and a country music headliner that will soon be announced.  This FREE community-wide kickoff event will be followed by two months of additional programming at the AT&T Raleigh Winterfest Ice Rink.

President and CEO of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, David Diaz, says, “We are thrilled to be producing the AT&T Raleigh Winterfest. This will be an event like no other in our region because of the variety of entertainment, the scenic location of the ice rink that uses natural ice, and the duration of the event. For the kickoff event on Friday, December 4 we are bringing a national headliner and an impressive and diverse collection of local and regional talent.  The location – City Plaza – is situated in the center of downtown Raleigh. Though the City Plaza was not modeled after Rockefeller Plaza, the AT&T Raleigh Winterfest will bear a strong resemblance to it not only because of the outdoor ice rink but also because it is located in the heart of our central business district. AT&T Raleigh Winterfest consists of the kickoff event on Friday, December 4 as well as activities and performances scheduled throughout the two months to follow—a major milestone for the Triangle.”

The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina and the Christmas Wish Program will be accepting donations during the kickoff event on Friday, December 4. Allen Reep, Vice President of the Central and Eastern North Carolina Food Bank remarked, “We always appreciate the support of the community in our efforts to provide food to our friends and neighbors who need help.” Lisa McKay, spokesperson for the Christmas Wish Program shared, “The QDR Christmas Wish program is all about neighbors helping neighbors.  Each year with our listeners’ donations we help 50 families who have fallen on hard times.  Because of the economy this year we expect even more families to be in need! With the huge turnout of people expected at AT&T Raleigh Winterfest, I hope we can count on a small donation of one dollar from everyone—your loose change will provide the power to change lives.”

The sights and sounds of Downtown Raleigh will come alive during this eight-week celebration! Be sure to mark the date on your calendar for the kickoff event on Friday, December 4 and then visit www.RaleighWinterfest.com for more opportunities to take part in all of the fun-filled activities scheduled from December 5 – January 31 at the AT&T Raleigh Winterfest Ice Rink.  The ice rink will be open seven days a week and admission is $6 (includes skate rental). Please visit our website www.RaleighWinterfest.com for information on hours of operation, directions and scheduled events.  “These two months of activities will be a signature part of the AT&T Raleigh Winterfest experience,” says Diaz.

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  • Patrick
    10/07 01:39 PM

    Any word whether this will be real or synthetic ice?

  • Loren J. Gold
    10/07 01:42 PM

    Real Ice…check out the Downtown Raleigh Alliance website for more details at http://www.yourhere.com

  • Carver
    10/07 01:44 PM

    Synthetic ice! Do you honestly think they will spend the money to do it correctly? Plus someone has to profit from it.

    Sounds as though they got the idea from my friends here: http://www.raleighonice.com/

  • Carver
    10/07 01:49 PM

    Con?tro?ver?sy!  HaHaHa!  It’s a good thing…

  • RaleighMAC
    10/08 04:38 AM

    Such cynicism… I think this is awesome! Great cities around the world have ice rinks in the winter months (synthetic or not), and Raleigh is finally joining the ranks!

  • matt w
    10/08 07:29 AM

    They have been doing this in Charlotte for a while now and it is great.  Nice turnout and a good reason to draw people downtown.

  • Fred
    10/08 07:39 AM

    From http://www.godowntownraleigh.com/raleighwinterfest/general_info.htm :
    “Winterfest is a two-month long extravaganza featuring an outdoor skating rink with natural ice.”

  • DPK
    10/08 10:16 AM

    I wonder how big the rink will be.  I hope it’s bigger than the cramped one they do over at Koka Booth in Cary.

  • Sue
    10/08 11:16 AM

    too short IMO at 45’ x 85’  but I am a curler not a skater.

  • Brian
    10/08 12:27 PM

    85’ is a lot shorter than it seems.

  • Sue
    10/08 01:38 PM

    Correct 85’ is the width of a hockey rink.  It is a start though and bigger than what has been done at North Hills not sure about Koko Booth one.

  • arthurb3
    10/09 07:07 AM

    Gonna be hell to keep it frozen!

  • bob
    10/09 11:05 AM

    they put ice rinks like this in Mexico so keeping it frozen won’t be a problem. the ice rink at Rockefeller Center is 59’ x 122’.

  • DPK
    10/11 03:59 AM

    It’s not that hard to keep ice frozen outside.  They use a system of pipes which are pumped full of a chilled glycol/water mixture (at about 20°F).  You just have to make sure you’ve got an industrial chiller system keeps going without fail.

  • jobags
    10/11 07:19 PM

    “...the scenic location of the ice rink that uses natural ice…”

    Step 1: read press release.
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: profit.

  • A Southern Accent
    10/13 06:26 AM

    How exciting! I love this idea!

  • Celia Fate
    10/13 07:16 AM

    A roller rink would be much more cost effective.

    heheheh. sorry, you know i had to say it.

  • TD
    10/13 09:59 PM

    It going to be a fishing pond in the summer…

  • kimberly copping
    01/01 01:01 PM

    I grew up in Buffalo NY and my dad tried to make a rink out of my Gram’s field next door-wasn’t quite a success story…but,we did go to Niagara Falls each year and there was an outdoor rink there…It is a great idea for Raleigh-especially since we have gotten an NHL team here-why not have an outdoor ice skating rink???

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